10 USA East Coast Beach Vacation Spots for Couples

10 USA East Coast Beach Vacation Spots for Couples

Where should we go on the East Coast of USA?

Do you want to get off the beaten track, the beaches, and vacation by the sea? The East Coast of the United States is an excellent place for a couple’s vacation.

Indeed, its beaches are very popular destinations for the local population. Beach vacations on the East Coast of the United States of America are famous for their exclusiveness and multiplicity. Stars and millionaires rest here, and luxury hotels and expensive Michelin-starred restaurants welcome tourists.

Discover its other beaches that attract tourists of all ages from all over the planet. Maine and its coastline are popular for its beautiful scenery, warm sandy beaches, and activities.

Whether you are going as a couple, alone, with family or friends, get great east coast vacation ideas for your next vacation.

1. Narrangansett Beach, Rhode Island

beach with rocks and sand

Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Ideal for a summer vacation, this destination is established near the city center, making it easy to get around.

Whether you go to lie in the sun at the beach, find the exercise of surfing, relax or eat good food, everything is within walking distance. Also, part of the city center, everything is done within walking distance.

On the program: learn to surf in the morning, regain your strength with good food then continue with a sunbath on the beach.

2. Crescent Beach, Rhode Island

grassy entry walk way to crescent beach

In Rhode Island, an hour by ferry from Newport is an idyllic little island, Block Island. Kayaking, hiking, strolling on the beach, cycling, or even admiring the sea from the top of a lighthouse, many activities can be carried out on the island.

However, the most popular spot is still Crescent Beach. This is the perfect site not to be lost if you are spending your vacation in Block Iceland.

Just an hour’s ferry ride from Newport to Rhode Island is the bucolic little island of Block Island, one of New England’s best-kept secrets! On this island, you can contemplate the ocean from the top of a lighthouse, watch the time go by on the beach, go for a bike ride, hike or kayak.

A must-see in this slice of paradise is Crescent Beach, arguably the most popular beach on Block Island.

3. Wellfleet Beach, Massachusetts

beach with sand dunes

Cape Cod is a widespread vacationer destination for couples in Massachusetts. The quaint little village of Wellfleet is the place to be.

In addition to its hillside beaches and panoramas typical of seaside towns, this village is well known around the world for the excellence of its oysters. As for activities, you can participate in a game of volleyball with new friends at the beach, discover the talented artists of the village, or even take a stroll in the Cape Cod National Seashore.

This small picturesque village offers panoramas typical of seaside towns and hillside beaches. Once there, you must absolutely taste the oysters, recognized worldwide.

Then, take a stroll around the Cape Cod National Seashore, admire local artists’ talent, take a surf lesson, or play a game of beach volleyball with other tourists or residents.

4. Madaket Beach, Massachusetts

seagull on beach during sunset

For vacationers passing through Nantucket Island in Massachusetts who want to avoid the crowds, Madaket Beach is the place to be.

Here you can admire the most amazing sunsets, and strong and magnificent waves sculpt the beach. Of course, this is not the only beach on the island.

You can discover several types of beaches there for all circumstances. There are so many beaches on Nantucket Island that it’s hard to choose the best place for your vacation.

Teens and surfers love Nobadeer’s Beach for its festivities, while families with young children prefer Children Beach. There is a sandy beach for all occasions.

5. Wells Beach, Maine

beach with homes right on beach front

Wells is a city in Maine in the County of York. This is the excellent choice for a couples vacation in Maine thanks to its four places, two wildlife reserves, and 11 km of coastline.

This seaside town is particularly distinguished by its sandy beaches suitable for relaxation sessions. You can also discover several nautical activities, such as fishing, surfing, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking.

6. Kennebunk Beach, Maine

boats in water with pier and grassy land

Also in York County, Maine, Kennebunk is also a top vacation destination.

With their 6 magnificent white sand beaches surrounded by the region’s characteristic landscapes, they constitute the ideal place to spend peaceful and calm holidays. You can go hiking by the sea or even explore local shops, antique shops, and museums.

7. Old Orchard Beach, Maine

boardwalk pier in beach

In Maine, Old Orchard Beach is considered one of the most popular and iconic beaches.

Here you can taste excellent seafood, relax in the sun, or practice nautical activities. You will also appreciate its large amusement park near the beach for your quality time or family moments.

8. Ogunquit Beach, Maine

greenery plant view with beachfront

Famous beach in Maine, Ogunquit is popular for its long stretches of fine white sand, seaside walks, deep-sea fishing, and various activities.

Almost five kilometers long, it can be run or walked by families, friends, and couples looking for a peaceful place to spend their vacation each year. Long white sand beaches, deep-sea fishing, plenty of activities, and pleasant seaside walks are what the famous Ogunquit Beach has to offer.

A fine sandy beach of five kilometers can be covered on foot or by running.

9. Madison Beach, Connecticut

boarded walk entries to beachfront

In southeastern Connecticut is the town of Madison. It is a still well-protected vacation destination in Maine.

It is appreciated for its beaches along the coast for several kilometers and its activities and water sports.

10. North Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

beach town with homes located directly on beach with ocean front

The range of North Hampton Beach is a great tourist destination in New Hampshire to nearly 6 hours’ drive from Montreal. It has straight entry to the Atlantic Ocean and is suitable for both couples and family vacations.

It’s also appreciated for its tranquility; it allows you to appreciate the most beautiful waves on the American east coast.

Additionally, it is likely to convey numerous maritime activities such as deep-sea fishing, water slides, and parasailing.

When it comes to going on a beach vacation with your partner, there are many choices on the east coast. If you enjoy exercise, plan your day at Narragansett Beach, or sign up for surfing lessons at Wellfleet Beach. Want a quiet day fishing? Take a trip to Wells Beach.

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Be sure to travel to the east coast for some of the best beach vacations for couples.

Have you and your spouse gone on a beach getaway on the east coast? Where did you go? We’d love to hear from you.

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