Europe Beach Bucket List for Couples

Europe Beach Bucket List for Couples

Looking for the most romantic beach holidays in Europe?

You want a few days of relaxation with the sound of the sea and sunbathing without traveling to the other end of the world? A beach vacation with your spouse in Europe is perfect for this.

Why? Because some beaches can easily compete with those in the Caribbean, a few hours away by car or flight from the USA.

Yes, even in Germany, there are some absolute dream beaches!

We will introduce you to the most extraordinary bays, as well as, the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

1. Tropea Beach, Calabria

bright blue sea with beach and people in sand at Tropea beach in Calabria

The beach of Tropea in Calabria deserves an award for the beautiful scenery alone.

From the beach, you can see the peninsula on which the small church of Santa Maria dell’ Isola sits. If the weather is good and the visibility is clear, you can even see the volcanic island of Stromboli and the other Aeolian Islands.

It couldn’t be more idyllic! But otherwise, nothing is missing on this beach.

There are also many other bays nearby, and the town of Tropea is also absolutely worth seeing. Boredom is guaranteed not to arise on a beach holiday here.

2. La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia

blue sea with beach with landmark at La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia

If you long for the Caribbean but don’t have the necessary budget or the time to go on an extended trip, simply visit the beautiful La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia.

However, preferably visit during the low season, before July or after August. Special features here are crystal clear, turquoise water and a white sandy beach.

The fishing village of Stintino is only two kilometers away. You can make another detour to the beautiful Le Saline beach.

3. Vik Beach, Iceland

sea with black sand  with snow on landscapes at Vik Beach in Iceland

Wild sea, sand made of black lava, fog, and majestic landscapes is how Vik Beach in Iceland can be described.

The opposite of a Caribbean dream beach has its very own flair: If you travel to the largest volcanic island on earth, you can discover the southernmost section of the coast on a long walk, take breath-taking photos of breaking waves or visit the village of Vik í Mýrdal, which has around 300 people.

Particularly impressive are the three-pointed rock needles in the sea, which, according to legend, represent petrified trolls who wanted to bring a ship ashore.

Use this guide to learn more about this mysterious beach destination in Iceland.

4. Bálos Beach in Crete, Greece

beach with clear blue waters  near lagoon at bay of Balos of Crete

The bay of Bálos on the Greek island of Crete has crystal clear water, almost white sand, and a fantastic panorama.

From the parking lot you have to walk up a stone staircase to the lagoon, but when you get down there, what you’ll find is perhaps the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean that awaits you.

In addition to the actual beach, there is also a kind of natural paddling pool, a lukewarm, not even a knee-deep lagoon in which couples can just lay out and relax.

5. Albena Beach, Bulgaria

beach located in front of hotels with beach chairs and umbrellas at Albena Beach, Bulgaria

In the north of Varna, against the backdrop of beautiful white hotel pyramids, you will find a beach predestined for a couple’s vacation. Seven kilometers long, many hotels and loads of restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The White Pyramids at the mouth of the Batova River are the trademark of Albena. It is the pointed hotel blocks that define the panorama of the resort. There are showers, toilets, restaurants, and cafes on the beach like sand on the sea.

The large pedestrian zone in the heart of the complex offers shopping opportunities.

If you want to eat really well and at the same time enjoy a great view, you should climb onto the roof of the Hotel Dobruza. Here you can enjoy a romantic French and Mediterranean cuisine particularly well in the Ciel Bleu restaurant.

6. Kiotari Beach – Kiotari, Greece

beach with lots of pepples in sand located at Kiotari Beach in Greece

The most beautiful beach in Greece is located in the south-east of Rhodes: that of Kiotari, a former fishing village and a true paradise for beach lovers.

The crystal-clear water and the grey sand and pebble beach provide a nice contrast. You will certainly find the ideal place to rest along these four kilometers of beach. Stretch out on your beach towel or rent a sun lounger with a parasol.

Want to move a little? Diving, sailing, and snorkeling are also on the program. For example, near Stefano’s fish restaurant, you can admire the most beautiful marine species during a snorkeling session.

Or go on an expedition to the small hidden bays where you will feel like you are alone in the world. Like a breeze of freshness, during your stay in Greece.

7. Çirali Beach – Çirali, Turkey

beach with two beach chairs and straw umbrella on sand during sunset

Çirali beach, located in Antalya province, is, according to us, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

It is the ideal place to observe sea turtles. They come to lay between the smooth pebbles and the coarse sand.

This three-kilometer-long beach is divided into a quiet area and a livelier one. In the afternoon, go to the quiet part to sunbathe and study underwater life. You will immediately be relaxed at the sight of the azure blue sea.

In the evening, take a romantic stroll through the more dynamic area, indulge in a good meal in one local restaurant, or a delicious cocktail in a cool bar.

8. Elafonissi Beach – Crete, Greece

beach with pink sand and boulder rocks located in Elafonissi Beach, Crete Greece

When talking about the most beautiful beaches in Europe, we must not forget Elafonissi Beach in the top ten.

Plan the rental car already because this beach in Crete is located outside the tourist area of the island. Indeed, you have to take winding mountain roads to arrive on this beautiful sandy beach finally.

The pink sand, combined with the translucent blue sea, offers a particularly breath-taking setting.

In addition to bringing a beach towel, shovel and bucket, also think about a packed lunch, because there are not many facilities on site. So, prepare a hearty lunch and delicious snacks.

Of course, this kind of little piece of paradise never remains deserted for long, but if you close your eyes as a refreshing sea breeze caresses your face, you immediately feel a sense of calm and tranquility.

In short, a dream vacation in the sun.

The Caribbean has many beautiful beaches to discover for romance, but you and your spouse should also explore these best beaches in Europe.


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Don’t forget your ultimate bucket list of European beaches for couples for your next vacation!

Do you have any European destinations to add as the best beaches for couples vacations? If so, leave your ideas in the comments below.

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