Fun Bonding Activities for Couples

Fun Bonding Activities for Couples

What are some fun things couples can do together?

Living together is easy, but a little bit of thoughtlessness can make couples drift apart in no time at all. You can watch endless TV programs and talk with each other, but it is equally important to plan dates and outings.

Remember, it takes an effort to keep romance on the tracks, so if you want to do something to keep your partner’s interest alive, here are some scientifically backed bonding activities that will keep both of you titillated.

1. Keep a night free for each other

Whether it is Friday, Saturday, or any other day, make sure that you and your partner go for a date for that particular night every week of the year.

It could mean having a pizza at the Italian hotspot or simply strolling on the beach at sunset, providing that moment is specially set aside to enjoy, without phones or laptops and just in the close proximity of each other.

2. Text messages

man and woman sitting back to back on water fountain edge while texting each other

Sending messages is a wonderful way to keep connected and at the same time convey your partner the feelings for each other. A simple line can set the mood for relaxing and healing at the end of a stressful day.

3. Go for a drive-in movie

Spending time under the stars while watching a drive-in cinema is far more romantic than the regular visit to a theatre. Just bring your favorite snacks, a warm blanket for cuddling and a small gift to show that you care. If this doesn’t set the mood, you can always gaze at the screen.

4. Cook together

man and woman couple in kitchen cooking as man kisses woman on cheeck

Try making some crazy dishes together, instead of one person always spending time cooking in the kitchen. You will soon realize how much fun it is to try out a recipe, and at the same time discover what is going on in each other’s life.

Turn the chore into an enjoyable event and then savor the meal together with funny talks and jokes to spice up the occasion.

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5. Play games together

You will be surprised how happy your partner can become playing board games like The Fox in the Forest, Azul or Monopoly and beating you at times.

The engaging duels to score over each other, is something partners really look forward to. Not only is the activity educational and testing, it generates a lot of fun.

As it is rightly said that a couple who plays together, stay together.

6. Share the house chores

man holding chair upside down as woman holds hammer inside kitchen

Sharing household tasks is the best way to bond for the couple.

Chatting with your partner, being supportive and sharing compliments is a sure-fire way to keep the flames of love burning. Your man may enjoy doing the dishes, while you may love to clean and stack them, making witty remarks and behaving like spoilt kids.

7. Recreate a date

Dates, initially, are complete with uncertainty and romance, not to forget the excitement of spending time out with the one you are beginning to adore. As time passes and things return to normal, the element of fun naturally begins to diminish.

So why not try to rekindle the passion of the past and ask your better half out for dinner at a restaurant where you dated for the first time? Not only will you both relive pleasant memories, but add a spark to the romance as well.

8. Convey gratitude

An important part of making a relationship work is by showing appreciation for each other.

Studies have consistently presented data figures showing couples who are grateful are also the most satisfied. Having said that, expressing gratitude in a romantic relationship goes beyond the word ‘thanks’ and should include a candid conversation on those subjects which make communication between the two of you better.

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9. Get involved with community services

couple walking hugging and looking at each other. woman wearing volunteer shirt.

Giving others a helping hand goes a long way in keeping the mind and body happy and content.

By sharing your acts of kindness, with the person you cherish the most, adds up to the feeling. Simple social work like, feeding the poor and homeless or donating clothes and food at a care center or just sending a letter of appreciation to the welfare department, can brighten up the day.

Getting your sweetheart on board can do the same for someone else as well.

10. Engage in leisure activities

Exploring something new which you can find engaging, can not only provide a welcome break but will give both of you the feeling of having done something productive.

Whether you love playing games on your mobile as your partner is busy scrapbooking, the couple should look for a common hobby that can be enjoyed together.

He may love spying through the binoculars at birds on a nature trip, and you can help in taking the pictures of the birds seen to find a special spot in his scrapbook.

11. Travel together

Traveling together is a terrific way to see new places and create a bit of sensation in your connection.

Irrespective of whether you head to a far-off luxury getaway or a simple weekend resort just round the corner, the benefits of getting away from the usual humdrum are immense.

A holiday recharges both partners by giving quality time away from the familiar surroundings.

12. Renew your vows

back of bicycle seat says "just married again"

This is undoubtedly the most elaborate way to profess your love for each other in front of families and children.

A vow renewal ceremony, in a small resort, will serve as a great reminder of the bonds shared between the two of you and a fun way to let the family be aware of it also.

If you so desire, you can have a private ritual in your own living room which will be just as effective.

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There will be many moments in your life when you can hardly catch your breath, leave aside having time for bonding with your partner. But remember, that it takes a combined effort to keep the relationship thriving and the knot tight.

The fun bonding activities for couples listed above are doable, even on the busiest of days, and will bring you and your spouse together in no uncertain manner.

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Do you know of any other fun activities for husbands and wives to do together? We’d love to hear your couple bonding activities ideas.

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  1. I love these ideas. We do most of them regularly now, but there was a long time when we kind of neglected our relationship. These things have made us want to spend more time with each other.

  2. These are such wonderful ideas. We do a lot of the travel thing (pre-Wuhan Virus nightmare) but sadly haven’t done much else besides work, cook dinner, watch tv, etc lately. We really do need to set up a date night and stick to it. One time we have a great time listening to a ball game, while drinking slushies and eating pizza in the car. It was nice to just be out, even if we weren’t doing too much. Thanks for sharing these tips and remiders.

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