How To Be Romantic When Traveling (with kids too)

How To Be Romantic When Traveling (with kids too)

Valentine’s Day coming up, but you will be traveling with your spouse? Celebrating an anniversary or special event with your spouse and don’t know what to do because you will be out of town?

Did you already make plans to go on vacation with your family and forgot that you need to include romance on that trip? How can you be romantic and the kids will also be you on your trip?

My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary around the holidays in December and we are usually on vacation with the kids during that time.

We are always trying to be creative in ways to be romantic and celebrate our anniversary while on vacation with our children.

What should a couple do on a trip? Listed in this article are simple and easy romantic things to do on vacation, even if your kids are with you!

1. Keep it simple. Write a love letter.

i love you love letter

Who said you need to go out and buy something? Keep it simple, look around and grab a pen and paper.

Most hotels provide that for you anyway. Jot down how much you love and care for your spouse and seal it with a kiss.

2. Don’t like writing letters? Give them a store bought card.

Maybe you’re not the best writer or can’t express yourself well in letters. Run to the nearest store and pick up a beautiful love card.

3. Handmade cards too cheesy? Send them an email or text with a love quote.

guy reading text/email on cell phone smiling laying on couch

This should get one of the best responses because it will come as a surprise when they are checking emails and won’t know what romantic surprise awaits them.

4. Bring your loved one coffee in bed.

couple having coffee in bed smiling and looking at each other

Before they get out of bed, bring them a cup of tasty coffee or hot breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love getting served in bed right when they wake up?

5. Cook a delicious meal with each other.

couple cooking in kitchen together

Does your spouse love pasta or steak? Make their favorite meal for them (if your hotel room has a kitchen). You can even prepare the meal together while spending quality time in the kitchen.

6. Bring back yummy donuts or chocolate.

couple eating donuts

What’s their favorite dessert? Can you find that at a local restaurant or bakery? Let your spouse enjoy a tasty treat on that special day.

7. If your spouse really has a sweet tooth, take them to the candy store.

lollipops in candy store

The kids will really be happy about this too. Everyone can fill up their bags with their favorite candy on this special day.

8. Feeling a little tense? Offer a massage to your spouse.

body oils and flowers for massage

Maybe you guys can take turns and provide full-body massages to the soothing sounds of music.

9. The all-time favorite– rose petals in the bathtub.

lady relaxing in hot bathtub with rose petals

If your spouse loves roses and a nice hot bath, why not combine the two? Hey, if the kids want to join in, let them! They can clean up the bathtub when it’s all over.

10. Take a walk together.

couple walking in town

Walk around and enjoy the new town that you are visiting. Hold hands and enjoy the scenery.

11. Have a night out at the museum.

couple looking at art in museum

Spend a few hours admiring masterpieces at an art gallery or museum. Find one that has kids activities if you are taking the kids too.

Learn more about a variety of museums from the American Alliance of Museums.

12. What about the park? Have a nice picnic at the park.

family at a picnic at the park

Take some snacks and drinks for the family or spouse and head out to the park for a nice afternoon.

13. Booked at a cabin in the woods?

couple at bonfire outside cabin

Have a bonfire outside. You and the family can sit outside and enjoy while making S’mores or you and your spouse can enjoy a glass of wine together.

14. Go on a bike ride.

family outdoors on bike ride

Rent bikes for the family and take a ride around the park or the town for your anniversary. Get your exercise in while you’re on vacation.

15. Take a road trip to the nearest city.

Black family enjoying a road trip in a car

Find awesome activities or events in the nearest city and go on a road trip together. Make it two trips in one.

16. Make it a movie night.

couple gazing at each other at the movie theater

Sometimes you just want to see a good movie. Why not head out and get tickets at the cinema? If the kids are there, make sure it’s PG.

17. Go on a tour of the town.

couple on bus tour on the town

Take your spouse or family on an exciting bus tour around town. Get close as you learn about the important landmarks and history.

Want to kick it up a notch?

See if you can find a tour that offers carriage rides. Nothing is more romantic than a night out on a beautiful city riding in a gorgeous horse drawn carriage ride.

18. Like beer? How about beer or wine tasting?

couple in grapevine yard wine tasting

Unfortunately, the kids can’t come along on this date. If you do want to take the kids with you, instead go on a food tour where the family can taste food from fine restaurants in the town.

19. Go ice skating.

couple ice skating at rink

If you love skating, how about a romantic day on ice? Skating hand in hand on ice is really fun with the one you love.

20. Take a romantic walk along a river.

romantic couple walking along a river

Find a river or lake in the town you are visiting and take a nice walk along followed by a lovely meal at a fine restaurant.

21. Go on a hike.

family hiking

For all you adventure couples or families, go on a hike. If it’s still cold, go on a winter hike. Pack your backpacks and the family and head for the mountains. Have great conversations with each other during your hike.

22. Go camping with each other.

couple in tent camping

Set up a tent under the moon and stars and bring romance outdoors at the campsite.

23. Make reservations and attend a comedy show.

couple laughing at comedy show

Laughing on a date is something we all need. Some comedy shows provide food and drinks, therefore, making it a family affair too.

24. Go bowling.

couple laughing at bowling machine

Bowling is so much fun. Have the better player show how to score those strikes.

Laugh at the one with the gutter balls (which is usually me). Kids love bowling too.

25. Check out the arcade.

ski ball game at arcade

Some game arcades are made for adults just as they are for kids. Many of these arcades have restaurants and bars attached so the kid in the adult can have a great time too!

26. Have a blast at the amusement parks.

couple on merry go round smiling and hugging

If you and your spouse love thrill rides, spend your day having fun at the amusement park. You can hold on to one another, laugh, or be terrified together at the amusement and the water parks.

27. Gaze at the sunsets together.

couple staring at sunset/sunrise

Doesn’t cost a thing to look at the beautiful sunsets or sunrises together hand in hand with a few smooches here and there.

28. Go shopping.

couple window shopping

Don’t want to spend too much? Go window shopping.

Find a large shopping mall with a variety of stores where you can spend the day window shopping and spending time with each other.

29. No transportation? Get room service.

room service champagne

Call for room service or delivery and have a fancy meal in your hotel room. Order all of their favorite foods to eat or a nice bottle of champagne.

30. Spouse into games?

family playing board game

Plan a day playing video games against each other. See who the best player is.

Call the kids to join in. Mix it up and play board games too.

31. Escape Room

If you’ve never gone to an escape room, this is something you must try. Escape rooms are practically real-life puzzles.

The game begins in a themed room and you and your teammates must look for and solve clues to escape or exit the room.

You usually work together with family members or other teammates.

The game is timed, so you have a set amount of minutes to solve all the clues and escape.

My husband and I did an escape room for our anniversary and because it was just the two of us, we thought we were at a disadvantage. However, we worked really well as a team under pressure and we escaped! Victory!!

By far this was the most fun we ever had on a date! There are also escape rooms for the little ones to join in on the fun too.

This list provides some romantic traveling tips for married couples. Most of these romantic ideas can be done while you are traveling with your kids too.

Looking for a romantic scenery while on vacation with your spouse?

Find great spots at: Cheap Things to do in Gatlinburg, Tennessee


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What romantic things have you done while on vacation? Was it for your wedding anniversary or maybe Valentine’s Day? Share your romantic ideas while traveling in the comments.

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  1. These are great! It can be very challenging to keep the spark once children start to arrive on the scene. But it becomes even more important.

    1. Thank you! You are right, keeping the romance alive especially if the kids are present, opens the door to a deeper relationship and even better experiences together. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Our Anniversary is on Feb. 24 so we don’t always celebrate Valentine’s Day. We usually have an Anniversary getaway so we save our money for that.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Great idea! We put more our creativity with our anniversary as it’s around the holidays too. Sometimes, it gets tricky as we are traveling. Happy Anniversary and hope you have a nice romantic one! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great ideas! They are great to use even when its not valentines and your out on a holiday with the kids! Definitely implementing some of these on our next holiday cause we get so caught up with the girls, we quite often forget to make time for ourselves!

    1. Absolutely! Some of us don’t have a choice (or maybe a preference) but to travel with our kids on these days. I hope you guys have a wonderful trip and able to get some romance in. Thanks for visiting.

  4. This is a great list! Thank you. We often celebrate big romantic occasions with kids in tow. In fact, for our last anniversary we went to Medieval times with the family. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! We’ve gone to the dinner shows a few times too and we love them! It’s incredible how we can still be romantic and set memories even with the kids involved. Thanks for visiting!

  5. We try to keep date night low cost, these ideas are great for that!
    Quite often we do at home date nights, once the kids are in bed.
    A movie, picnic in front of our fireplace or in the backyard watching the stars are a few of our favourite.

      1. I love that you suggest realistic and affordable ways to be romantic while on vacation with kids. As a newer mom and family, seeking to adjust to our new reality having ideas of what to do is helpful.

        1. When your kids are younger, that may be the most challenging time for travel, but I’m glad I could offer great opportunities for you to keep the romance when on vacation. Congratulations on your new family! Thanks so much for visiting!

  6. These are great ideas! Most of our “dates” involve our kids, especially when we’re traveling but we try to get out every once in awhile without the kids.

    1. Most of our wedding anniversaries (during travel) have included the kids since their births and we’ve never regretted as we’ve just gotten creative and flexible with our plans. We also try to get in date nights for alone, alone time 😉 Thanks for visiting!

  7. I love these ideas!! Coffee in bed, ummm yes!!! Or coffee anywhere for that matter!! Often times it is hard to find alone time or times for romance when on a family trip or even just at home with kids. Great post!

    1. LOL! Good one! My daughter loves to force herself in between us to separate us. Then says, “no, no, no”. Ha, ha. 🙂 I hope you guys get some romance in on your next trip. Thanks for visiting!

  8. These are great tips and ideas! Sometimes it’s so hard to think of things off the top of your head or when you’re traveling. I’m going to keep these in mind! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re very welcome! Sometimes we forget that we could be romantic even with simple and easy ideas such as these. I hope you guys have a great romantic trip next time. Thanks so much for visiting!

  9. These are really good ideas. My husband and I have been talking a lot about traveling with the kiddos lately and our travel time is our time to really connect in general. So to have ideas about how to keep it romantic even when the kids are around is good to have.

    Definitely going to keep these in mind for our trip in March.

    1. Absolutely! Planning a vacation with kids can become very overwhelming, so being able to add some romance with easy ideas such as these can be a huge help. Thank you for visiting!

  10. Man, what a GREAT list of ideas! I love every one of them. Doing an escape room is on our list of things to do soon. We’ve got a group of friends who want to go, but we wondered if we’d be disadvantaged if we went by ourselves. I’m glad to see that’s not the case. Super cute picture of you guys, by the way.

  11. Kareena -this is a great post. When I first saw the title, I laughed. The idea of romantic travels with children can be a complete oxymoron. My children are older now, but we snuck little gestures in on our travels to make it sweet. It’s easy to lose sight when the children are little. It gets a bit easier when they are older. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Very true Chrissy. We are starting to enjoy a little more leeway as they are getting older. We can get more creative when we travel, and it’s so worth it. Thank you for visiting!

  12. These are all really great ideas. We travel as a family about 99% of the time so having ways to sneak in romance helps.

  13. These are all great ideas! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day because it’s hard to get a babysitter on that exact day. We do usually do a family movie night on Fridays anyway, but maybe we’ll kick it up a notch and go to an arcade too! I loved the coffee and breakfast in bed ideas as well. I am not a morning person, so that would definitely speak my love language.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you are able to get some great ideas and use the next time you travel. Everyone will have so much fun at the arcade. If your spouse speaks your love language on V-day, he also gets extra points 😉 Have a great time on your next romantic trip! Thank you for visiting.

  14. I always say, everyday with my husband is like Valentine’s day. I am not trying to be sappy, but it is true. We do pretty much all of those things together very regularly and sometimes every day. We enjoy making dinner together every night, or if we don’t have time to make dinner, we sit and enjoy a meal at a restaurant. I make espresso for him every morning, he rubs my feet or makes me breakfast in bed. We get couples spa treatments, travel together and see a movie at the theater on the weekends. We are very fortunate to be able to spend so much time together. I hope everyone else can do the same!!! Love and light coming your way!

    1. This is so wonderful! I can only hope that every couple gets to experience every day to be loving just like this. You are right, every couple should celebrate the love they have for each other every day in every way possible. Wishing you guys the very best. Thanks so much for sharing.

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