Secrets on How to Keep a Marriage Spicy After 10 Years

Secrets on How to Keep a Marriage Spicy After 10 Years

Are you desperately looking for ideas to spice up your marriage?

After the wedding, the routine is a real kill-love! Over time, passion tends to fade, often without realizing it.

However, there is no question of giving up and letting your love slowly lose its essence. That is why it’s significant to preserve a healthy and happy relationship as well as take care of your living together.

Obviously, the secrets to a happy marriage vary from couple to couple, but certain factors are common to all and always help to rekindle the family.

Below we have mentioned ten tips on how to keep the spice in your marriage.

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1) Make it a priority to be romantic with your partner

In the initial phase of a relationship, both usually wear rose-colored glasses and therefore have an eye for the romantic. But over time, this gift fades, and romance degenerates into something that can only be seen in films.

However, if you want to be happy for a long time, romance is an important point. So regularly take time for a meal together in a romantic, small restaurant, send short loving messages with the help of social media, or show small gifts that you always think of each other.

2) Find new topics of conversation

man and woman couple smiling and sitting in front of bed on floor having a conversation

Speechlessness or the feeling of having nothing more to say can be a problem for marriage. It is, therefore, extremely important to always have an ear for each other.

This not only helps to avoid dissatisfaction and the resulting arguments but also strengthens the bond. If you want to be happy for a long time, this is an essential point.

Here are a few questions you can ask your husband besides how your day was, and get the conversations rolling again.

3) Go on dates without the kids

If you and your partner have children together, a classic trap lurks.

Because all too often, it is still taken for granted today that childcare is a woman’s duty. There is considerable potential for conflict here. Therefore, make sure that the duties in this area are fairly distributed.

Also, make sure you have enough time left without children. You can either spend these together or – and this is also important – separately.

This gives you a chance to miss each other. At the same time, you can have experiences without each other, which is just as important for a happy relationship.

4) Give besides flowers

husband repairing door while wife is standing behind door smiling at him

Men like to buy flowers to make their wives happy. There is basically nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t always have to be flowers or a corresponding present for the partner to keep the love fresh.

Giving only flowers can become predictable and boring.

Much more important are small tokens of love in everyday life that the other person does not expect. For example, do you know if he likes to eat a certain ingredient in a dish, get it?

If he knows that you are annoyed about the defective power cable on the hairdryer, he will repair it. You can also contribute and do more chores around the home.

Making each other’s everyday life a bit easier or more beautiful strengthens love enormously and helps to stay happy for a long time.

5) Find ways to specifically show how you care

In long-term relationships, many people tend to take things for granted and no longer study them. It is so important to notice the small, beautiful things and, above all, to tell your partner that you have noticed them.

These little compliments work better the more. Specifically, you formulate them. Instead of saying “The food was delicious” or “Your presentation was good,” highlight individual-specific points that struck you as particularly positive.

The more precisely the praise is formulated, the sooner it will have its effect, and the better it will be remembered.

Not sure how to compliment your partner? Find out great ways to show how you care in a marriage.

6) Boost your appearance

man and woman couple dressed up formal standing in front of building as wife is smiling and hugging husband

You just need to devote a little moment to take care of your body, your looks to become more radiant. This attention that you pay to yourself will automatically be reflected in the behavior of your couple.

You both continue to stay attracted to each other and will keep the romance going.

As you continue to care for yourself, your confidence remains afloat and you’ll want to spend more quality time with your spouse. You may become more motivated and creative in your date ideas too.

7) Go outdoors and travel more

There is something undeniably romantic about being alone with your husband or wife in the forest surrounded by trees and birdsong. There seems to be only you in the world! Just outdoors, surrounded by nature, is a perfect time to talk about all the afternoon workouts while walking.

If you are fond of these moments, you can then try hiking or marathons. Having common interests is life insurance for any relationship.

A trip is always a good choice to spend time alone and deepen the intimacy of life as a couple. The only secret is the following: use the means of transport that suits you best: car, motorbike, how about that cruise?

8) Explore your hometown

man and woman couple walking and hugging each other

Resting in your city and visiting new places, even in a short time, will be like a mini-vacation: perfect to rest and recharge your batteries. Make a note of any of these places to visit as a couple.

Not only will you save money, which will help the relationship long term, but you get to learn so much about the places that surround you.

9) Spend time alone

Save some time for yourself outside of your marriage.

Go to the gym, read, do yoga, go out with your friends and go to a movie or a play … This space that you are going to reserve for yourself will make you more fulfilling.

It’s so classic that it’s almost become commonplace… but it’s still a great idea for romanticizing your life as a couple! Spending the night away from home, looking at the stars, is a plan you shouldn’t dismiss so easily.

10) Simple nighttime romance

light up city at nighttime with clear skies and stars

Need more ideas? Look for a place that is not central, as the pollution light prevents in many cities, from seeing the stars. Or find an area where the stars shine bright.

Bring a towel to lie comfortably on the grass and a bottle of wine or a thermos of coffee.

You can lie down at night, drink, talk, and gaze at the stars. After a long day at work, enjoy dinner to get closer to each other, confide, listen to their concerns, and speak out about yours. Talk about your projects or even trivial everyday stories.

Good communication is one of the keys to a couple’s success. With the frenzy of work and daily chores, the slightest difficulty becomes a drama. So, try to take things lightly.

After being married for years, communication for some couples becomes more and more difficult, which dampers the way they feel about each other, thus loss of intimacy or romance.

Have a sense of humor, and you will see life in pink. It is undeniable that arguments are the spice of the life of the couple. They are used in particular to understand the temperament of the other better. But still, try to find compromises.

Some ways to keeping marriage spicy includes intentionally finding quality time with your spouse, constantly developing new topics of conversation, spending time without the kids, being specific in your praises, keeping up in your appearance, traveling more and having alone time.

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If you’re married for ten years or more, romance can begin to sizzle. However, use these tips on how to spice up your marriage and your relationship will continue to blossom.

Were you able to keep your marriage alive after being married for ten years or more? We’d love to hear what you did to spice things up with your husband or wife.

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