Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in West Coast USA for Couples

Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in West Coast USA for Couples

Looking for the best outdoor vacation ideas for couples in the west coast?

The Pacific Ocean covers the west coast of the USA from the west, and its imaginary eastern border is formed by the Cascade Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

It will delight you, especially with its national parks, and with famous big cities and we will recommend to you which places in the west are worth it.

The USA’s west coast attracts its visitors to beautiful national parks, magnificent cities, and other attractions.

Here are the top 10 adventure spots for couples on the USA’s west coast.

1) Yosemite National Park

yosemite national park mountains and lake

It was acknowledged as a national park in the early 1890 and was far ahead inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Merced River flows through the park, creating a deep valley and high granite cliffs around it. The park has very tall biodiversity, and you will find the largest waterfall in the USA.

Many times visits to this national park, the climate will be too much unclear as well as rainy, so not very fortunate for a stroll. However, when visiting national parks on the US West Coast, you need to reckon with something like this and be prepared for it.

Yosemite National Park is one of the utmost popular national parks situated in the USA, so it is not a hangout that even the huge camps here are rapidly full. You have no opportunity to set up a tent in this national park without reservation on the park’s official website.

2) Sequoia National Park

tall trees in Sequoia national park

This national park is often visited due to the abundant occurrence of rare trees – Giant Sequoias. These are amongst the largest, as well as ancient trees in the world.

In the park, tourists can also enjoy the respectable dimensions of the biggest tree in the world, General Sherman.

The utmost point of the park – Mount Whitney is situated at an elevation of 4,417 meters and is also the uppermost peak in America.

Tourist attractions such as fallen redwoods, in which there is a carved hole for the passage of cars.

3) Valley of Death

valley of death mountains with hikers walking

Death Valley breaks world records and can rightly be described as the warmest place on the sentence.

In 1913, the maximum temperature in the world recorded here at 56.7 degrees centigrade. It is also the lowermost point located in North America. The local salt pan lies up to 86 meters below the sea.

Keep in mind that you should plan to visit this place outside noon as temperatures reach a high maximum. Take plenty of fluids and a head covering.

4) Zion National Park

zion national park with mountains and yellow and green leaf trees

This attractive canyon is very widespread with tourists mainly due to its gorgeous wildlife and vegetation. The Virgin River drifts through the canyon, around which rises high sandstone rocks.

The utmost widespread trek is known as Angel’s Landing and will take you to the best view you can find within the canyon. The views of the adjoining countryside are actually breath-taking.

5) Bryce National Park

bryce national park with red colored mountains

This national park is absolutely unique, especially due to its limestone formations nicknamed the “hoodoo.” The limestone towers are colored in deep orange color and create a wonderful contrast with the blue sky or white snow.

Therefore, this park is beautiful in every season. From the asphalt road, there are wonderful views of the surrounding area, and for lovers of treks, this landscape tempts you to walk among the rocky formations.

Numerous dissimilar plants grow in the park as well as a huge amount of animals live here.

6) Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon with curly canyon shaped

The antelope canyon is sought after mainly for its photogenicity.

It is named after the antelopes that once lived in this area. It will amaze every visitor with its color and play of light, so it is best to visit this bowl around noon.

The canyon is formed by a thin gap in the sandstone rock, and during heavy rains, it can be completely filled with water. Therefore, it is possible to see the canyon only with a local guide.

7) Horseshoe Bend

horseshoe bend with canyon surrounded by water as horeshoe shape

The biggest, and utmost attractive meander in the shape of a horseshoe in the world.

The Colorado River excavated this river bend about several years ago. This unit is not a portion of any national park, and therefore there is no entry fee.

The Horseshoe is situated a short distance from the Antelope Canyon so that you can combine two natural beauties during one visit to the West Coast.

8) Grand Canyon

man and woman sitting on top of mountain at grand canyon looking at sunset

The Grand Canyon is one of the elongated canyons in the world.

The Colorado River constructed it, and its depth is 1600 meters. The native landscape is continuously varying due to numerous normal procedures. The canyon is utmost attractive at noon, as it is the best lit.

Throughout the day, the canyon walls cast hoary shadows, so sometimes it can be a nut to take pictures of it. The utmost widespread activities consist of hiking but also rafting the canyon.

9) Meteor Crater

meteor crater shape in canyon

Barringer’s crater, which formed in the Painted Desert during a meteorite impact about 50,000 years ago. It is the best-researched crater in the world.

Scientists have learned to recognize craters that were formed by the impact of a meteorite and not by volcanic activity. The interior of the crater also served the astronauts, who practiced walking on the lunar surface.

At present, the crater is steamed by a family, which has built a large museum in its place, which is accessible to all visitors.

10) Route 66

shop from the 60s made as souvenir shop on route 66

The mythical road that connected the East to the West Coast – led from Chicago and ended in Los Angeles.

Some of its segments were used as part of the original roads, and the remaining was missing to its destiny.

The environments of the deserted Route 66 are so dilapidated. Nevertheless, the segments where the historic Route 66 served are used as a visitor attraction. Historic houses and remembrance shops are being repaired around the roads.

If you are looking for outdoor adventure with waterfalls, rare trees, or gorgeous wildlife, the west coast in the USA has something for every couple.

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If you need ideas on where to go for outdoor adventure on the west coast, use this great guide!

Have you gone on an outdoor adventure out west with your spouse? Share your vacation with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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