Prayers For My Husband in Difficult Times

Prayers For My Husband in Difficult Times

When you get married, you have all the expectations from your marriage and, of course, your husband.

Girls, from a very young age, carry a certain image of their possible future husband, and when they get married, they carry the baggage of expectations with them.

But the most important thing couples often tend to ignore is that all that one needs to keep the love and spark alive in their marriage is love and respect for each other. Once a woman realizes that most of what she needs is love and gratitude in her life, it becomes a lot easier to manage those expectations and enjoy a blissful relationship with her husband.

Most women do not realize it, but they are very blessed to have that great guy in their life as their husband. All they need to do is open their eyes and shift their focus, and they will see plenty of reasons to love and be thankful for their husband.

If he is a guy who works hard for his family, juggles to help with daily chores, and the kids, is passionate about his family, well, you sure are blessed. So, if your husband can change a diaper, helps clear the table, and is dependable, it is time to be thankful to the Lord for making such a wonderful man, your husband.

A prayer for husbands is powerful during difficult times in marriage.

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Life can be tough for each partner in life, but instead of debating who had the most stressful day or discussing who has more time on hand, it’s important to focus on your spouse.

It is high time to get out of the habit of bickering with your husband over little things and complaining all the time about kids, life, and work in general. Take a pause, sit down and reflect on your life and the years gone by.

You still love your husband, but perhaps you have lost your perspective. Reconnect with the man you fell in love with and remind yourself as to what is most important in life.

If you expect your husband to be the Prince Charming of your fairy tale, remember that he too looks for a princess in his wife who is sweet, loving, and caring. But life is not a fairy tale, and often there are no happily ever after.

Both husband and wife need to work on their marriage, and it is easier to deal with those struggles if atleast one brings the support of the Lord in their life and asks for his guidance and takes shelter in his prayers. You both deserve love and happiness in your life, and the only one who can give that is your spouse.

Every marriage is different, and there are bound to be some differences among the couple. So, do not be surprised at slammed doors, hurting words, and frustrating anger.

Still, one should never let those toxic thoughts and words replace the love in your heart for the other.

Life and relationships do become a lot easier once you learn to put your trust in the Lord Almighty and surrender to Him completely.

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Perhaps your husband loves you more than before but is not very expressive. Perhaps he needs your support but is not able to say that openly as he sees your hands full of daily chores. But as a wife, you should understand his unspoken gestures and thoughts.

You are at this webpage and going through it because it was the will of God. We believe that the Holy Spirit wanted you to find this page on how to pray for your husband because the Lord believes in you and wants you to use the most powerful way to connect to Him and with one another.

Paying for your husband need not be tough, and one can use a simple world of gratitude for their marriage and thank Lord for their partner. However, there are some powerful verses in Bible that are easy to follow and recite.

You can pray for your husband whenever you find time, in the morning, before you go to sleep or when you are out for your walk. All you need to do is find some peaceful time when you are really alone and can focus on your prayers, think about your husband and be thankful to God that he is there in your life.

All you need to do is say some prayers for him daily and let the Lord do the rest. I am sure that these prayers will bring joy, hope, and love to your marriage and make your bond even stronger. When you start praying for your husband, you will soon see things happening.

Use this powerful resource to help you pray for your husband during critical times in your marriage to help turn things around!

Here are some special prayers for a husband.

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• Ephesians 5:25-29: That he would continue to lead and that God would be glorified in our marriage

Ask for deeper love and the glory of God for your husband and marriage and even if your husband is imperfect and find a superior satisfaction in God and ask him to strengthen your marriage.

• Psalm 46:1: That he would lean on Christ in his trials

Every Christian can have this confidence in the heart of Jesus and his infinite love. As a wife, you can trust Him and his Divine impulses for the testing times faced by your husband. Ask the Lord to provide him support as he leans on Christ and gets strengthened.

• Philippians 1:9-10: That God would give him discernment

Ask the Lord to give your husband the ability to exercise discernment in every realm of his life and distinguish between truth and error. The prayer would offer your husband and yourself to take a decidedly biblical perspective in life.

• Psalm 118:6: That he would submit his fears to God

Develop love and humility toward one another and submit to each other and let God handle all your fears and doubts. Christian womanhood find hope in God and focuses her attention on the power and love of God to support her husband.

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• Corinthians 13 , Ephesians 4:32: That he would be quick to forgive

If there is any wrong done in marriage, the only way to get over it and move on is through forgiveness. So, pray to the lord that you receive total healing, and your husband is quick to forgive all your errors, and there is no hurt and anger in the marriage.

• Psalm 90:17 : Father, may the favor of the Lord rest on my husband. Bless and establish the work of his hands and his heart

Ask God for his blessings for your husband and let Him guide your husband at every step so that He remains in his heart and works through his hands. Ask for love and protection for your husband day and night.

• Corinthians 2:16: Father, give my husband the mind of Christ, saturate it with godly wisdom. Help him to take every thought captive that is not in obedience to Your Word, and in so doing protect him from pride and temptation.

Pray to the Lord that He gives your husband a holy lifestyle and mindset. With the gracious presence of God in his life, he will learn to be obedient and subject to his will. Such a life will keep him away from any pride and temptations that come across.

• Proverbs 3:5-6: Father, help my husband to trust in You with all his heart, not depending on his own understanding, but acknowledging You in all his ways, so he knows what direction our family should take.

As trust in God gets tested in difficult times, pray to God to help your husband love God and have faith in His Word, His ability, and His strength. As God always keeps His promises, trusting in Him is very important.

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• Proverbs 15:33: That he would have a humble, teachable spirit

When you pray for a humble, teachable spirit in your husband, it means to make him aware of his limitations and ask for God’s help for instruction and advice. A teachable spirit can receive wisdom from God as it is an open heart.

• Thessalonians 5:13: Father, help us to live together in perfect unity by loving, honoring and respecting one another and serving each other for Your glory, honor and praise!

Ask the Lord for glory, honor, and respect for each other in your marriage and live together in perfect harmony. Pray to him to persevere the strength and compassion in your marriage.

Keep in mind that your husband is the most important man in your life, and God has chosen him to be your partner. As his wife, the best way to offer him your support is by praying for him daily and offer him your support as he faces the temptations and challenges of life.

Perhaps your husband is going through a health crisis, or is facing a job loss, or is under debt because of bad business. Once you get into the daily habit of praying for your husband, God will do the needful.

Just remain committed to the Lord and let Him do the rest. Believe in the power of prayers and partner with God to comfort, heal and restore your relationship.

Before you even realize it, some more years would have gone by. Children will grow older and leave one by one for their own journey of life.

Perhaps in the chaos of life and the growing responsibilities with family and kids, you may have sidelined your husband or have taken him for granted. However, it is never too late, and all you need to do is revitalize the love in your relationship and marriage.

Are you thinking, “How can I pray for my husband?” Take a cue from this article and start praying for your husband and be thankful to God that he is there in your life, through thick and thin. Just consider the importance of loving the man behind your husband.

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Use these daily prayers for your husband when times are challenging in your marriage.

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