Romantic Destinations to Spark the Fire

Romantic Destinations to Spark the Fire

Are you looking for a simple way to spark the fire in your relationship? Don’t overlook the power that romantic destinations can offer.

Imagine you and your better half surrounded by the perfect ambiance, great food, and nothing but each other’s company to get you through the night…sounds like the perfect recipe for a little romance, right?

Just because the “newness” of a relationship has started to fade away, that doesn’t mean that the spark and fire have to as well. In fact, with just a few simple ideas, you can easily rekindle that love for one another in no time at all. 

Which is the most romantic place in the world?

There is one place in the world that just oozes romance and if you guessed Paris, France, you’d be right. If you’re wanting to have a “go big or go home” romantic vacation, this would be the place to make it happen.

But just know that it’s 100% possible to have the same amount of fun and romance on a much smaller, and more affordable scale.

In fact, you just might find that the simpler and more focused you keep your planning, the closer to one another you’ll become.

Where should I go for a romantic weekend getaway?

Now you’re thinking! A nice romantic weekend getaway can be the perfect solution. And luckily, romantic weekend getaways are super easy to pull off.

All you need to do is do a little bit of research on the surrounding areas and then make a choice based on your likes together as a couple.

Better yet, sit down and talk about your options. How much fun would it be to go to a place that you both have actually been wanting to travel to?

Not only does it work on your communication skills right from the start, but it gives you both something to look forward to as well.

Romantic Destinations to Spark the Fire

As I mentioned earlier, romantic destinations don’t have to be someplace far away or over the top expensive. Instead, think about something intimate and private that will allow you and your better half the time alone that you need.

Just in case you’re needing a mental boost, here are some great romantic getaway ideas that are certain to bring out the love.

• Cabin in the Woods

cabin in woods surrounded with snow and lake

There are very few things that scream romance louder than a secluded cabin in the woods. Pair it up with a wood-burning fireplace and some delicious food and wine and you’re in for a night of cuddling, laughter, and fun.

Sometimes just staying in and focusing on one another is all that really needs to be done.

• Book a Bed and Breakfast in a small quaint town

pancakes with fruit on tray with rose

Small towns are just full of charm. No matter where you go or what you do, you’re bound to see or experience something adorable. Small towns also bring out happiness and love and that then transforms your mood to be in that same mind-frame, too.

Check out the small towns that are close to you and your better half and see about booking a bed and breakfast for a weekend of fun.

Take the time to walk around the time, sleep in and miss breakfast, or stay up late and just play a hand of cards. Your definition of romance and sparking the fire doesn’t have to match anyone else!

• Rent a Condo on the Beach

beach dinner table and chairs on beach decorated with shaded curtains on beach front

Hanging out all day on the beach in your swimsuits is certainly one way to add a bit of romance to the day! Why not soak up the sun on the beach and then head back to the condo for the evening.

You can sit out on the condo deck or set up on the beach and have a wonderful candlelight dinner and watch the moon reflecting off the ocean for hours.

Visiting Florida? Check out Florida Rentals to book a condo on the beach!

• Plan a cruise for just the two of you

cruise ship traveling on river through mountains with sunset

Believe it or not, but cruises can actually be quite a romantic vacation. Just think about it…a small room for just the two of you, room service and movies available all day, great food waiting at all hours of the night, and not one other person on the entire ship that knows you or really wants to interact with you.

What that means is that your attention as a couple can stay on one another for the entire cruise without worrying about any other types of distractions. That’s a super simple way to spend great quality time together without the stresses and pressures of the world.

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome romantic destinations that you can easily research and book. Make certain that you choose one that compliments your relationship well and then take the steps to make it happen!

Once you book, you’re that much closer to giving your relationship a boost and finding a way to spark the fire.

If you are planning on taking a romantic vacation with your spouse, there’s no need to spend lots of money to travel across the country. With some creativity, you can travel to a romantic destination much closer and cheaper than you think.

What are some other great romantic destinations to consider?

Have you and your loved one ever traveled to a romantic destination? Where did you travel to? Tell us about your vacation. We’d love to hear from you!

Can’t get away from the kids and need ideas for romantic travel? Check out:


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  1. Love these ideas! It’s so hard to break away from the kids but always a good investment in a marriage. I love the idea of renting a house or cabin rather than staying at a hotel. I think it definitely makes it more romantic!

    1. Sometimes we do forget to put our marriage first, when so involved with kids. Renting a cabin not only has the romantic scenery, but also provides the best bang for your buck too. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I love these ideas! For me, I would love a secluded cabin in the woods. I went on such a weekend getaway years ago with a boyfriend in Algonquin Park in the fall and it was just gorgeous. But, if someone wanted to fly me to Paris for a weekend, I don’t think I’d say no haha

  3. I love all your ideas! My favorite is a cabin in the woods, or what we like is a mountain cabin! We also had a romantic vacation in the Poconos of Pennsylvania..they call it the Land of Love. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. We stayed in the Poconos a few years ago too. It was surely a different kind of vacation, and very romantic. We will never forget that one. Thank you for visiting.

  4. I love these ideas. My boyfriend and I are coming up to our 4 year anniversary so these ideas really helped. We live in Alberta, Canada and we’re close to the mountains. Hopefully some businesses will open up soon so we can book a romantic get away soon!

  5. Thank you for this! My boyfriend owns a restaurant and only has 1 day off so its hard to plan actual vacations, but weekend getaways are a little easier to plan. Hopefully hell be up for a night or 2 in a secluded cabin!

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