16 Romantic Things to do in the Fall With Your Husband

16 Romantic Things to do in the Fall With Your Husband

What romantic things can couples do in the fall?

As the weather cools off with the approach of the fall season, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your creative date ideas too have to be less hot.

In fact, it is the right time to savor the last days of amiable weather by snuggling up under a warm blanket with your partner and consider doing something romantic, befitting the perfect occasion.

We are confident that these top fall date inspirations will keep the flame of love burning bright right throughout this most beautiful time of the year.

1. Visit a brewery

You will be amazed how tasting a freshly made mug of pumpkin beer with your husband can make the occasion that much more memorable.

Take a day trip to a local brewery for brunch to enjoy a Brewski to get into the romantic mood.

We promise you, that you won’t regret it.

2. Ride a horse

There is nothing like a bit of adventure to spice up the spirits. Head to your nearest riding academy, hire a horse, wrap your husband’s arms around your waist and gallop off in autumn woods with not a care in the world.

Embracing equestrian activities is sure to rouse the adventure and fondness in both of you.

3. Take pottery classes

husband and wife flirting during pottery class

Teach your soulmate, on a date night, as to how to make a clay mug on a potter’s wheel. Your hands will be soiled, but you will have something to hold your hot apple cider in till the season lasts.

4. Snuggle under the stars

Cuddling out in the cold might sound as a chilling proposition, but very soon the starry sky and your husband’s warmth under the blankets will keep you snug. There are plenty of open-air spots in a natural setting from where you can admire the majesty of the heavens above you.

5. Visit an art museum

If you want to cling to your husband, you will have all the more chances to hold him tight by taking him on a day or evening visit to a museum. The real spirit of the occasion is best embodied by holding hands, walking and talking closely with each other as you explore your surroundings.

6. Go on a hike

Probably the best time of the year to take a hike. Exploring areas you have never seen before and take time to unwind at picturesque places can really rev up the love life in no uncertain manner. Simple walks, with the one you care for, in the woods can be very enjoyable.

7. Watch a action packed movie

husband and wife at movie theater with wife scared with hands covering face with popcorn in her lap

Consider taking your husband to a action-filled movie. There is nothing like sitting on the edge of your seats and feeling bodies clutch in between mouthfuls of popcorn.

If you have a subscription on the phone, you can watch each exciting moment in the park or by a river to make it more thrilling.

8. Enjoy nature

Grab some folding chairs, a favorite beverage and your more than willing husband to the nearest lakefront or garden for a meaningful outing in nature. You will be surprised how time spent outdoors opens up new vistas in dating. Just ensure to pack something that won’t attract the bugs.

9. Shop at a flea market

It is the time of the year when most vendors are trying to dispose of their stuff before the new season sets in. You can buy pieces of furniture, super cheap, and fix and paint them to absolutely new.

Never been to a flea market?

This article provides the Dos and Don’ts of Flea Market Shopping.

10. Collect leaves

husband and wife hands up catching leaves falling from trees

Yes, it’s not just for kids! See who collects the most number of different leaves in a day spent outdoors. When you get home, snuggle up on the carpet, press the leaves in a book to remind you in future on what a fun-filled day you both had.

11. Care for a feathered friend

There is nothing better reassuring than watching different birds feeding outside your room or balcony. A good idea is to make a feeder from pinecones and hang it in a place from where you both can watch them peck away for weeks on end.

12. Hit a pumpkin patch

Instead of heading to the grocery store for your pumpkin, ask your husband to hunt one together from a pumpkin patch. Walking through a patch with your husband by the side can evoke romantic moments without having to pay much.

Go home, carve your own pumpkin, and indulge in your favorite fall treats.

13. Hot air balloon ride

Love at high altitude has an extra romantic air about it. When it comes to dating, lifting off in a basket and soaring over the treetops to get a peak of what lies below is an awesome and adventurous way to enjoy the spirit of the season.

14. Ride a bike

You never know, riding a bike through the woods with your significant other half can inspire couples to reach spots which are otherwise inaccessible by any other transport. Apart from the connection with nature, there are endless reasons which will provide fond inspirations.

15. Visit a National Park

husband and wife taking a picture of themselves (selfie) in front of rock springs at national park

With the advent of the incredible hues which peak from September to October, romantic couples can don their outdoor gear and go for an unforgettable experience in the woods.

Studies have shown that even a small time spent in the woods can not only improve your well-being but also keep your date happy.

One National Park you can visit is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Not only is this one of the best family parks to visit, but there is so much for you and your husband to enjoy such as the gorgeous views of the mountain tops.

16. Try ziplining above the fall foliage

A thrill a minute ride by steep and fast ziplines over the spectacular foliage of fall leaves will be a marvelous experience for you and your husband. Flying like a bird at high speed with your best friend, Superman style, can be the ultimate fall escapade.

No matter how much time you and your husband have spent in each other’s company, taking time out to display positive intent can highlight your love for each other. Having said that, the two of you know what’s good for both, so let the sparks soar with the fall romantic info provided above.

Some romantic ideas with your husband include going on a hot air balloon, enjoying nature together and snuggling under the stars. Whatever you do, you will enjoy your fall activities sharing the love with each other.

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Use this list for romantic fall date ideas with your husband.

Do you and your husband do fall activities together? Did your date ideas make the list? Share with us other romantic things to do with your husband during the fall.

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