5 Danger Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

5 Danger Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

While love is meant to last forever, it doesn’t, and people keep falling in and out of love.

Women enter marriage, thinking that they have the best husband and going to live happily after. They dream of having kids and getting old together.

However, sometimes, things do not turn out to be like that, and the worst thing that could happen to any marriage is if there is no love in it.

Like it or not, men are more prone to fall out of love and may stop loving their wives.

While it feels great to have the security and stability of a marriage, unfortunately, that’s not always possible with every marriage.

There could be a number of factors that could lead to a lack of love and emotions between a couple.

Does my husband still love me?

Well, there are several red flags that tell that your husband doesn’t love you anymore, and you should watch out for them as early signs and take the right steps in time. Let’s take a look.

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1. If your husband hardly communicates with you

husband and wife sitting on couch ignoring each other

There is something amiss if your husband hardly speaks to you, as communication is the first essential aspect of any relationship.

So, if you see a sudden or gradual deterioration in communication, he is probably falling out of love with you.

If the two of you remain quiet in the house most of the time and each one does his or her own thing, then it’s clearly a strong sign that your husband is no longer interested in you.

Moreover, it is easy to fall out of love if the two of you do not talk to each other.

2. If your husband keeps demanding for more space

woman on phone in bed with chocolate and glass of wine next to her

Love and companionship mean not being able to get enough of each other.

If you see your husband avoiding you all the time or retreating to his room to do his own things and asking for more space to find himself, you should start worrying.

At times, he might go out for hours and not call you back to let you know about his whereabouts. Or, he might avoid coming home after work or make his own plans for the weekend.

Every time you try to call him, he is either busy or unavailable.

Well, what does that tell you? Obviously, he is no longer interested in you anymore.

3. If your husband is no longer physically intimate

husband sleeping in bed while wife looks worried

Lack of sex is a major sign that your husband doesn’t love you.

If he is no longer intimate with you, it means that he doesn’t find you attractive anymore and may have found someone else. When you ask him, he is likely to make flimsy excuses to avoid you.

Such a situation is not at all healthy for any marriage as it is essential for both husband and wife to maintain sexual intimacy in order to keep the relationship strong.

The couple can become distant from each other if they are not getting what they want, and that will eventually lead to the end of the relationship.

4. If your husband picks up fights on the slightest point

husband pointing finger and yelling at wife on couch

If you find your husband finding fault in you and ready to pick up a fight at all times, your relationship is already in the direction of a hopeless situation.

When your husband falls out of love, he will start looking for faults in you and start an argument even when you did nothing. Actually, he is looking for reasons to get out of the marriage and placing the whole blame on you, thus justifying his actions.

Some women may feel bullied in these situations, as tempers flare and arguments increase. Many times wives are too afraid to confront their husbands about this.

Well, take this as a serious red flag as he is out of love with you, and your marriage will probably not continue for longer.

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5. If your husband takes you for granted

husband has hand in wife's face as he is talking on phone while they both sit in bed

Your husband may behave and act in a manner that no matter what he does, you’ll always be there.

He expects you to put up with his inappropriate behaviors and forgive him for everything as he knows that you still love him and want the marriage to work.

This is one of the most obvious signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Keep in mind that if your partner really cares about you, he would behave properly with you, when alone or in front of others.

So, despite reasoning out with him, if he continues being rude to you all the time, you know what you need to do.

No woman deserves a loveless, disrespectful husband.

We’ve provided several signs to look for that shows if the husband is still in love with his wife.

Whatever the situation, as a wife, do not lose hope and, like a true soldier, try to save your relationship.

Sit with your husband and have open and transparent communication with him and/or go visit a marriage counselor if he agrees.

wife talking with husband as he looks sad

Ask him what is going on in his mind and why he feels that way. To be honest, if he still cares, he will probably listen to you and willing to put effort into the relationship to save the marriage.

You must also be willing to make changes too. Have you been too tired lately and just don’t have enough energy to satisfy his romantic needs?

This definitely helps you to increase your libido and give you a better chance at saving your marriage.

At times, men need a little reasoning and assurances to push themselves, and the right choices can certainly lead toward a happier future.

Sometimes letting off some steam and good advice from friends can get the relationship back on track.

However, if your husband refuses to change or do anything about it, he is simply out of love and doesn’t feel anything about you. As a true soldier again, let him go and find his own happiness, and you work on your own life and feelings.

After all, there is no use clinging on to a loveless marriage and staying with a man that does not appreciate the marriage.

While the thought of ending your marriage or staying with your loveless husband might sound terrifying, the truth is that you will be much happier without a husband who doesn’t love you anymore.

No matter how much you love him, don’t ever forget that this is not what good marriages and loving relationships are about.

Sooner or later, even you would fall out of love with him if you continue the loveless marriage.

Keep in mind that whatever move you make now, would be so much better than living in a suffering relationship, and even if you think you won’t find happiness, you definitely will.


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Were you able to see the signs that your husband was falling out of love with you? What steps did you take to save your marriage? We’d love to hear your story. Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. I felt like I lost my connection with my ex a long time ago because of the signs mentioned above, but didn’t do anything about it. Was scared to admit that I was no longer in love because it wasn’t what’s expected if me. I was supposed to be in a happy marriage. Didn’t wanna disappoint family and friends. But eventually the truth must come out. I fell for someone else. I am now with him, and I learned from my past mistakes.

    1. I’m sorry that you had a challenging relationship with your ex. Fear can indeed hold us back from doing what is best for us. However, I’m glad to hear that you made the right choice for you, and now you are in a happier place. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I just went through a break up and these are completely on point! We hit every single one of them before deciding to go our separate ways.

    1. Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out and you had to go through this. I hope that all is better now. Wishing you the very best. Thank you so much for sharing.

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