20 Spicy Stay At Home Date Ideas for Couples

20 Spicy Stay At Home Date Ideas for Couples

Going out on dates with your spouse is one way to keep the romance alive in your marriage.

But what if you are stuck at home? What if you don’t have the money or time to get out of the house to go on romantic dates?

If you can’t leave the house, here are 20 sizzling hot at-home date ideas for you.

1. Take a soothing bath or shower with your spouse

candles, flowers, towels next to bubble bath

Run a warm bath, add some bubble bath or a bath bomb to the water for some soothing bath time with your spouse. Don’t forget those scented candles.

If you’re taking a shower, bring a shower radio and play soft love music during your steamy time.

After you are both soft and clean, take your session to the bedroom. Need I say more?

2. Delicious breakfast in bed

couple in bed having breakfast

Prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner for each other and enjoy it in bed. Relax, spread out and enjoy your yummy meal in the comfort of your bed.

3. Watch a comedy show or concert

couple laughing at tv show

My husband and I love to laugh together. We enjoy watching stand-up comedy shows or movies with each other. Laughing is the best remedy for forgetting any troubles you have.

If you prefer, find a live music concert to enjoy via cable television or music apps.

4. Indoor/Outdoor picnic

couple outside laying on blanket on grass having a picnic; husband feeding wife grapes

If you love being outdoors, but can’t leave the house, create a pleasant picnic with your spouse in your living room or take it outside to your backyard or on your patio.

Grab some blankets, a picnic basket with sandwiches and drinks. Dress it up with flowers from your garden if you have. Enjoy your picnic!

5. Completing a home project

couple laying on floor side by side kissing with paint surrounding them

Some of us still have incomplete projects around the house. Take some time to complete some of these projects with your spouse.

Do you need to paint a room or install a new kitchen backsplash? Grab your smock and your spouse and get your work groove on with each other.

Fun + Dirty = Flirty

6. Mini golf course or bowling

bowling balls and pins

Bring more fun at home by creating a mini-golf course or bowling alley at home. Set up your play area in a long hallway or other large spaced areas around your home.

Fellas, you have permission to show us wives how to aim correctly by putting your arms around us. We won’t mind.

7. Karaoke and dance competitions

couple standing on couch singing into microphone

To continue having fun, how about dance competitions? Find your favorite type of music, turn it up and have a dance-off with your spouse.

We love listening to Caribbean Soca music and love to dance to it. Having a dance-off or even a karaoke party to your favorite music, sets your date night up with continuous fun and laughter.

Winner gets the first kiss.

8. Bake your favorite cake

cookie dough with heart cut outs displayed with roses and pin roller

If you like to order dessert after your meal on dinner dates, how about baking your favorite cake, cookies or cupcakes at home?

You can bake a scrumptious chocolate cake with ice cream on the side or cute vanilla cupcakes with a cherry on top.

You can make this competitive if you like. Have a cake war on your date. Accidentally get some icing on your spouse’s cheek and lick it off.

Loser must clean up the messy kitchen.

9. Hot chocolate or tea night

couple holding hot chocolate sitting on rug on floor

Do you love hot chocolate? If it’s a cold night or you just enjoy sipping on hot chocolate, make a hot chocolate bar. Spread the variety of toppings with your favorite sweet treat.

If you’re more of a tea lover, like me, prepare a nice hot cup of tea with a taste of creamer and snuggle up with your spouse for a full date night.

10. Complete a puzzle together

couple putting pieces of jigsaw puzzle together

Are you guys more mathematical whiz, word or logic-oriented people? Do you and your spouse love to solve puzzles?

Have a date night solving crossword, logic or trivia puzzles. How about a game of Sudoku or a long night of completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle?

11. Board games or card games

couple laying on floor facing each other playing board game

Similar to puzzles, you and your spouse can play board or card games all night. Play some of your favorite childhood games like Monopoly, Connect 4, Battleship or Uno.

If the kids are sleeping, bring out and play a game of Strip Poker.

12. Romantic Bonfire

couple outside with bonfire roasting s'mores

During the daytime, you can have a picnic in your backyard, but at nighttime, you can make a romantic bonfire for you and your spouse.

Make it more rewarding and roast S’mores for one another. Enjoy your evening with great conversation.

13. Stargazing

couple sitting on rooftop looking over lighted city and stars

Stargazing is to observe or look at the stars in the sky. You can use a telescope or binoculars to see clearly. The best time to stargaze are clear winter nights when there’s no humidity in the air.

No equipment, no problem. On a beautiful day, try to get to a high place like your rooftop and enjoy the magical stars in the sky. Hold each other as you look at the gorgeous sky.

14. Binge-watch your favorite TV shows

couple sitting on couch eating popcorn watching tv

How many movies or tv shows are still sitting in your movie list queue? Take the night and catch up on both of your favorite movies.

You can watch romantic, adventure or mystery movies lying next to each other all night on your date. You can find lots to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Wives, feel free to be scared during the horror flicks for a tighter hold from your hubby.

15. Play video games

couple sitting in big soft chair playing video games together

Not into watching movies all night? If the kids are in for the night, take control of the video games and hold a video game tournament.

Have loads of fun with Mario Kart playing as your favorite character racing around the racetrack.

You and your spouse can also play on the same team to beat the computer players. Rather show your skills? May the best one win!

16. Watch a sports game

couple sitting on couch with soccer ball cheering for winning sports team

Are you and your spouse into sports? Tune into a sports game and cheer for your favorite team.

Cook yummy buffalo wings and serve with chips and cold beers. Good luck to your team!

17. Make it a pizza night

couple dining at home at dinner table; wife smelling rose from husband

Don’t feel like cooking? Order take out. Order from your favorite pizza or cuisine restaurant. What about the best steakhouse in town?

You can place your takeout on your best dinnerware and eat at your dinner table with candle lights and romantic music in the background.

Dress up nicely for your dinner date. Just because you are home, doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you and your spouse are dinner guests at the finest restaurant.

Compliment each other, push the chair in for your wives and wipe the food off his chin. Love each other during your date.

18. Wine tasting

couple sitting on couch wine tasting

What goes well with steak? Wine of course.

Wine tasting with your spouse is a fantastic way to start your date night off. Not only will you enjoy tasting great wine, but you get to enjoy it at home with your favorite person.

Guess what else. You also don’t need to worry about who’s going to be the driver to get you home safely.


19. Design and create a photo book

pictures with photo book surrounded by flip flops and starfish

Where are all those pictures of the family trips? If you are anything like us, those pictures are still on your phone.

Some of those pictures are still in that camera you owned before smartphones. Hah!

Date night is a great opportunity to finally take those pictures and put them in a photo book. Going through the pictures will spark wonderful family memories.

20. Plan your next family vacation

couple sitting on couch with laptop pointing at pictures, laying together

If you and your family love to travel, date night will be a great time to sit and discuss your next family vacation.

Talk about the places you want to go and what you will do when you get there. Plan fun activities for the adults and kids to enjoy.

Will it be a cruise, a road trip, a staycation? Get your laptop and bucket list and plan away!

Hope you were able to get some awesome ideas for dates at home.

For a romantic date at home with your spouse take a romantic shower together, go on a backyard picnic, create a bonfire or go stargazing.

Make your date night more fun with mini-golf, bowling, board games or video games. Complete house projects or create the travel photo album on your date.

Whatever you choose, anytime with your spouse should be a great time! Have a great date night!

Traveling with kids and you need romantic date ideas? Check out, How To Be Romantic When Traveling (with kids too).

What did you do on your stay at home date? How did you make romantic date nights at home? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Don’t forget to join many more families by subscribing to our monthly newsletters for exclusive updates on posts!

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  1. I love it!! Just completed a 500 piece puzzle with my boyfriend yesterday! Took us 8 hours but it was so fun!! Definitely need to be creative these days while staying in quarantine. Great article!

  2. Hubby and I like to take a leisure stroll with our pup. Gets us outside and we leave our phones at home so we can talk and focus on each other. Sooo important when we’re going all the time and don’t slow down to listen..

  3. These are wonderful ideas! How I wish I would have read this last night before our in-home date night. We did two of the ideas on your list though. Gonna keep this for next week. Being at home with the kids can be rough and we need to be consistent in connecting. Super important in these stressful times.

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