8 World’s Best Romantic Islands for Diving

8 World’s Best Romantic Islands for Diving

Where are the best destinations for diving?

Diving is an exhilarating sport that opens up doors to the surreal underwater world and allows you to pretend to be a part of it, albeit briefly.

For those who have tasted the magical feeling of swimming with myriads of shoals of fish or getting up close with some magnificent sea creatures, the experience, needless to say, leaves the diver completely breathless and amazed.

We assure you, that once you have gone through these top diving island destinations, you will pack your scuba kit, and hit the waters head first, in a jiffy.

1. Orak island, Turkey

boats in ocean at orak island, turkey

Orak island is situated opposite the Karagicik inlet in the Aegean sea, exactly halfway between Bodrum and Cokekerteme in Turkey.

This quaint town with a small population is a paradise for divers, especially for those who enjoy Wall diving and exploring underwater caves.

The driving spot lies on the south side of the island where it faces the Gulf of Gokova. The immense 100m underwater wall and the purple sponges seen in the cave are a great hit with divers.

2. Easter island, Chile

Moai site in easter island, chile with statues

Located 2,200 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter island is said to be the most remotest of all inhabited islands in the world.

This isolation has, in turn, affected the underwater topography, as a result diving here is unlike anywhere else. The water is so clear that visibility on good days can extend to 200 feet.

The dive sites are just a few minutes boat ride from Hanga Roa Harbor and the typical landscape is a description of a cliff diving site.

The Moai site, where a 25 feet high statue lies immersed 30 feet below the surface is also worth the effort.

3. Curacao, Caribbean

coral reef in watamula diving spot

Curacao may be one of the lesser known destinations in the Caribbean, but as far as diving is concerned, it is a leader in its own right.

The underwater scenery here has the most biodiverse reefs and stunning corals around the top diving spot of Watamula. This area also features tunnels and a spectacular pillar collar.

The waters are warm and the currents allow you the perfect opportunity to drift dive, covering long stretches of reef with minimum effort. The thriving reef is teeming with sea turtles and schooling fish.

A large sandy plateau, with mild currents, can also be found here, and is a boon for beginners.

4. Yap island, Federated States of Micronesia

manta ray in coral reef in yap island

Situated in the West Pacific Ocean on the Caroline Islands archipelago, Yap is a highly acclaimed diving destination and one of the best in the world to observe manta rays.

The best time to see these friendly creatures, at arm’s length, is between the mating season months of December to April at Mi’l Channel.

Diving for rays is shallow and even beginners can have a shot at swimming with them.

Other good dive sites here are the Yap Caverns, Rainbow Reef and Vertigo.

The last named spot is for those looking for shark encounters in crystal clear waters. This dive is a bit challenging and is for more experienced divers.

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5. Roatan, Honduras

coral reef at Mesoamerican Reef

Lying just 30 miles off the coast of Honduras, this jewel in the crown of the Caribbean island of Roatan is a super diving zone for those who like shallow reefs and deep walls.

The waters are suitable for both veteran and new divers alike.

Hidden delights here include two sunken shipwrecks, sand flats and action packed dives for seeing the large and majestic whale sharks. The seafloor is full of yellow-headed jawfish, pipefish,sea and giant grouper.

This Bay island region forms a portion of the Mesoamerican Reef, the largest barrier reef of the Western Hemisphere, and second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

6. Saba, Caribbean Netherlands

saba volcanic island located in caribbean netherlands

Saba is said to be the unspoilt queen of the Saba Marine Park.

This quaint Pacific Ocean volcanic island boasts of healthy reefs and spectacular marine life in clear waters, which makes it a pristine place to dive in.

The structure below the surface offer a range of dives from drifts to mellows over areas full of interesting invertebrates.

Saba has a plethora of good diving spots like Big Rock Market for hard coral formations that shelter frogfish and nurse sharks. If you are looking for sunken wrecks you can spot old cargo boats at Custom House.

This area also harbors southern stingrays and garden eels.

7. Marshalls Islands, Pacific Ocean

beach and sand located in bikini atoll in marshalls islands, pacific ocean

Marshalls Islands is a country made up of 29 atolls and more than 1000 islands, of which Majuro is the capital.

From eerie shipwrecks to drop offs and crevasses, there are a number of fascinating diving spots around Majuro, but none so surreal as the world famous Bikini Atoll, an American atomic test site.

The lagoon within the atoll is a no fish zone, which has resulted in an abundance of marine life.

Some of the other good sites are Rongelap Atoll and Arno Atoll, which provide diver’s with awesome opportunities to swim past immaculate corals and drop-offs.

8. Gili Islands, Indonesia

sunset view of gili islands with ocean and mountain in indonesia

Since the past few years the Gili Islands have become a massive draw with divers and it is easy to understand why. The huge reef system has been kept in good shape than others in the area.

Diving here is very affordable and thousands of enthusiasts flock here each here to do diving courses or extend their knowledge.

One of the most interesting diving spot is Shark Point. The reefs are shallow and the waters open, making it available to all types of divers.

Halim and Meno Wall are some of the other easily accessible places to jump with your wetsuit in.

Diving opens up a novel way of exploring the labyrinths of the ocean. The more you see of the new world which lies below the water, the more you will realize as to how fragile our oceans and the exotic life they protect and nourish, have become.

So irrespective of whether you are an amateur waiting for the first dive or a professional who has seen plenty of marine action, diving is the perfect activity for adventure and everything in between.

Take a look at this list that shows the best islands in the world for diving for couples, then start planning your adventure today!

Have you and your spouse gone diving before? Where did you go? Tell us about your diving adventure in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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