How do Working Moms Find Time to Exercise?

How do Working Moms Find Time to Exercise?

How do I find time to workout with a busy schedule?

Lack of time to exercise is an issue faced by each and every one of us. Thanks to the hectic lives and busy schedules, maintaining an active lifestyle often takes a backseat.

We start each day with a different set of priorities like getting the work done or meeting the deadlines and what needs to be accomplished in the coming few days. And this is how the day ends for most of us, and exercising is not even on our thoughts when we go to bed.

When you’re really busy, you think that you have no time for your body and mind. However, if you keep neglecting your exercise and health, things are going to backfire sooner or later.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself dealing with physical health ailments and other issues like stress and anxiety sooner or later. Even about 20 minutes of daily physical activity can improve your mood and overall well-being drastically and keep you positive and energetic the whole day.

No matter what, you have to make time for some daily exercise despite a very busy schedule and if you think there is no time, well, read on to know how and when to find time for your daily exercise.

Here are some ways to keep exercise workouts for working moms regular, no matter how busy you are.

1. Change your mindset

woman thinking positive smiling

If you have been ignoring your exercises and workouts, it is mainly because you do not give it a priority like other things in your life.

So, the first step is to change your mindset and consider working something which is necessary and enjoyable. With the right mindset, you will look forward to your exercises and will try not to miss out on them.

Stay positive and pat your back once you are able to achieve a target and keep going. Positive thinking is sure powerful and effective even if you don’t realize it.

2. Start getting up early

mom exercising while toddler is playing with truck on the side

This is a tip for all those who always complain about lack of time. Well, it will never hurt you if you get up 15 or half an hour early.

You can use that time for your exercises and will feel less guilty about missing out on workouts. Once you set up a routine, chances are you will be exercising more regularly and feel good about life.

Yes, I know baby wakes up early. You can have your husband watch the baby for a few minutes, or place the baby in a rocker while you exercise. If your baby is on a schedule, try to get up a few minutes before the baby does and get your workout done.

Do you have a toddler? Maybe let them sit next you with a toy or activity to keep them busy as you exercise.

Have you considered attending the early mornings “Mommy and Me” workout classes?

3. Walk to your work

business woman waling with bag to work

This is the simplest tip and the easiest one which everybody can follow. Even if you have an exhausting schedule and live a couple of miles away from your workplace, you can always walk to your work.

Try to take the stairs to your office and avoid the lift. That should easily give you a good walk, and you get to exercise without making any effort.

4. Work out at your workplace

woman working out on a treadmill in a small gym

If your workplace is far off, then try this tip of working out at your workplace.

You can use your office gym if there is one, or join one which is nearby. This could be the best decision ever for your fitness, even with a busy schedule and all you need to do is make way for 20-30 minutes.

Get on the treadmill or sit on a stability ball to strengthen your muscles and core.

5. Do something instead of nothing

woman doing push-ups on side of office desk

Working out doesn’t need to be an elaborate schedule with a gym membership, running shoes, and clothes. While those can always be a benefit, there is no need to make things complicated and difficult for yourself.

Keep things simple and make your exercises simpler and fun.

You can exercise even while sitting on your office chair or working at your desk, and it can sure be beneficial even if you are able to exercise for 15 to 20 minutes. You can do toe raises and squats as you wait for your local bus or a subway.

6. Choose something that you really enjoy

group dance workout class

Different people have different preferences, and while some like to jog, others prefer to do yoga or Pilates or a gym session. So, pick an exercise that you really enjoy as that will keep you motivated and make you look forward to the exercise routine.

Go ahead and find a workout that you love, and it could be a simple walk around the block or taking group classes or boxing or anything else. Just make sure that you enjoy your exercise session, no matter what it is.

My favorite type of workout is Cardio Kickboxing. What’s yours?

7. Go for high-intensity workouts

women doing high intensity workout as floor exercise (shoulder tapping when doing push-ups)

Exercising doesn’t mean that you have to sweat out for an hour at the gym. According to fitness experts, one can follow short, high-intensity workouts, especially when one has a very busy work schedule.

So, instead of spending 45 minutes, you can do a high-intensity workout for just 15 minutes to burn those calories and boost your fitness levels.

Shorter workouts can be as effective and just good as the lengthy exercise session.

8. Design your fitness activity

husband and wife playing outdoor basketball with children on their backs

You can go ahead and get creative about your fitness.

Why not involve your family in a baseball or basketball game for half an hour, or you can jog in a place as you wait for the pasta or noodles to boil?

You can take your baby out on his stroller and enjoy a quick walk with him. Or you could play a game of squats and lunges with your children before dinner, every day.

There are countless options once you start thinking, and you can be sure that you and your family are sure going to love every minute of those sessions.

Last but not least, once you have set a schedule, just stay committed to it. Do not make excuses like, “I can skip my exercises”, or “I am too busy today”, or “there is always tomorrow”.

Do some hard prioritizing and consider your exercise schedule to be as important as that critical meeting with your boss or team.

Develop the right mindset and follow the above tips and guidelines, such as, getting up early, walking to work, exercising at you job, staying active and do high-intensity workouts. You will find that you will always have time to exercise and will be exercising more regularly. Also, remind yourself that regular exercise and working out is a priority that is simply worth it.

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These great tips will help busy moms find time to workout and create a regular routine. You’ve got this!

Are you a busy mom and have an exercise workout schedule? Please share your routine with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. These were awesome reminders. Finding the time is always such a struggle for me because I have a crazy commute, but walking to the bus and such has definitely been helpful. I think my concern is are the activities I’m doing intense enough to lead to weight loss?

    1. Shanique, are consistent with your physical activities? If not, that’s the first step– consistency. If you are, also add activities to get your heart rate up and of course, adapt healthy eating habits. You got this! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Mindset is everything. I often encourage people to write down their current thoughts on their health and wellness. This gives them something to look back on when they are not feeling motivated. They can see how far they have come when things get hard.

  3. Yes!! These are all great tips! After I had my little one I finally found my motivation and what works for me to stay consistent! It wasn’t easy at first, but getting up before everyone else and finding something I actually enjoy doing have been game changers! Nice post!

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