Top 20 Causes of Problems in Marriage

Top 20 Causes of Problems in Marriage

This article reveals the 20 most common marriage problems faced by married couples.

There are numerous mutual issues in married life; and the utmost of them can be ignored, alleviated, or resolved to utilize several dissimilar methods.

Take a look at the 20-utmost mutual matrimonial glitches confronted by married pairs. Then, learn how to resolve them before they cause permanent damage to your relationship.

1) Infidelity

Infidelity is arguably one of the most common sources of conflict in relationships. This includes:

● overnight adventures,
● extramarital sex,
● Internet relationships,
● long and short-term relationships.

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2) Sexual differences

One person in the relationship may prefer different sexual practices than the other spouse.

Physical intimacy is essential in a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, sexual troubles can arise in a relationship for a number of reasons, thus paving the way for further marriage problems.

The most common sexual disorder in marriage is the loss of libido. According to popular belief, only women suffer from it, but men too.

3) Values and beliefs

One spouse may have a belief opposite to the religion of the other, which will probably create a wedge between the two. This could lead to big arguments, especially when one of the partners is exhausted from doing activities separately, such as going to diverse places of devotion.

Differences in values and principles are also factors in marital problems. These consist of the method children are raised, and the precepts taught to them, such as the classification of correct and wrong.

Not everyone grows up with similar confidence systems, ethics, and goals. This is why there is a lot of room for debate and discord inside the relationship.

Differences in values and principles are also factors in marital problems.

4) Stress

Stress is a problem that most married couples will face at least once in their relationship. Stress in a relationship results from different situations, including financial, family, mental, and moral.

Financial worries can arise from the loss of a job or the demotion of a spouse.

Family stress can include unruly children, tensions with in-laws, etc.

Different annoyances can trigger stress, which will have a negative impact on the romantic relationship. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to de-stress.

5) Incompatibility

At all levels, rapid unions carry their share of surprises.

The discovery of certain contradictory data such as excess or lack of professional ambition, political differences, the desire or not of children, then, the education of the latter, unsuspected personality traits in the spouse, are all factors that can be revealed in the second moments of a relationship.

6) Abusive behavior

Unhealthy jealousy, violence, moral harassment, latent neuroses can come to light or develop at all times of married life and give the impression of sharing life with a partial stranger.

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7) Money and work

husband sitting with head in hand stressed while wife sits next to him holding money

The lack of money, the loss of a job, unemployment, and debt are blown to the balance of the couple. Generators of stress and anguish, they panic the practical life before destroying the sentimental life.

8) Issue with In-laws

15% of defendants mention the omnipresence of the wife’s family. Amongst intrusion, disparagement, and denial of the being chosen by their loved ones, it becomes problematic to reserve an unsinkable space for the couple without disaffection themselves from maternal impact.

9) Remoteness

Beyond a certain period of union, the evolution of individuals may have led them to a more or less sensible separation but which will end up being felt irreparably.

Occasionally the sacrifices made in the name of conserving the family space are perceived by one as one-sided and generate hindrance and bitterness.

10) Age

Committing to a partner with a noteworthy age difference is a risk taken in the long term as the differences between the two individuals widen more than they disappear.

In addition, midlife predicaments occasionally generate a spontaneous drive to fascinating a younger wife as a response to the fear of death.

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11) Boredom

Habits can lead to weariness; this is a goal to which all couples are exposed in the long term. Living together permanently requires a regular reinvention of the relationship so as not to fall into a routine.

12) Gender

As hormonal variations take place with age, the couple may suffer from common erotic indifference. It is sensible to discuss it and request for assistance so as not to let the situation deteriorate until it becomes devastating.

13) You spend less and less time together

You don’t have to hold hands around the clock, but you do have to want to spend your free time with your partner and, in general, enjoy their company more than anyone else’s.

It is completely normal to devour a TV series, surf the web or on your phone, get lost in a book, work late or socialize without your partner.

14) Your arguments always revolve around the same subjects

husband and wife sitting on couch back to back upset with each other

Many times, couples have unresolved issues and they tend to argue over and over again about those issues. Not solving those issues with continuous arguments is a recipe for failure in a marriage.

It is commonplace for couples to contend over the same subjects throughout their marriage which may end in divorce.

15) Hidden power struggle

Most conflict in marriage occurs, at least due to the low level of interconnection between lovers.

Men generally want less. Women are the opposite. Sometimes those roles change.

Despite this, when you understand that a line has been crossed and a quarrel is occurring.

16) Selfishness and carelessness

If there is a periodic reproach within the couple, it is individuality that pushes to disregard his partner. Beyond a modest lack of romance, self-centeredness can be very expensive.

17) Disagreements over the future

Joint projects, as well as looking in a similar direction, are a pillar of the couple that can rapidly fade if not preserved enough. Knowing how to put aside discrepancies to build a future together needs everyday essential devotion.

18) Children’s problems

The problem related to children after marriage makes married life completely confused, after becoming a mother, raising a young child, teaching her things, etc. is included in the marriage.

However, as the mother’s relationship with the child deepens, the relationship with the partner distances. When the couples are alone, they are in love and happy, but things change after having a baby.

Nearly 30 years with a child affects your marriage severely.

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19) Thanking your spouse

Many couples complain that the husband or wife has changed after marriage. Earlier, we used to say thank you for everything, but now we ignore everything.

It is critical in a marriage to show appreciation to your spouse.

20) Expect your life partner to read your mind

After marriage, such situations mostly occur with couples.

Many people feel that their wife or husband should know what they want. That is to think that every partner is a fellow mind reader. Which sometimes becomes the reason for a quarrel between husband and wife.

This article helps you to understand the 20 common causes of conflict in marriage among couples. Infidelity, stress and limited quality time are just a few marriage problems signs.

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Hopefully this helps in preventing marriage failure between you and your partner.

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  1. What a wonderful blog on this subject! Not married now, but was and I see a few things in here that were struggles. Without going into too much information, the relationship I was in was a train wreck from day one. Not sad it is over, was the best thing being divorced from him. Thank you for being candid on this subject. God bless you all and pray that I find find the right man for me, please and thank you.

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