How to Get Your Husband to Respect You In a Way That Will Improve Your Marriage

How to Get Your Husband to Respect You In a Way That Will Improve Your Marriage

What do you do when your husband doesn’t respect you?

Every wife would love to hear those sweet pledges of love from her husband and get reassured of his affection and attention as he puts his arms around her. Most importantly, they need their husband’s respect not just for their own sense of dignity but to ensure that they have a healthy relationship and a great marriage between them.

However, one of the most common complaints from wives is a lack of respect from their husbands.

When respect is absent, one can expect complete disregard of the views of another person or an acknowledgment of each other, consciously or even unconsciously. Well, this is not good for any marriage or relationship.

Many women are not even aware that they have a disrespectful husband who is dismissive of their feelings and treats them to be less important.

Here are some signs of living with a disrespectful husband:

• If your husband doesn’t treat you as his equal and puts his own desires at the top
• If your husband shows a complete lack of concern for your feelings and does not value your time
• If your husband has complete control of the finances and decides how the money is to be spent
• If your husband is in the habit of passing demeaning comments about you and does not think twice about insulting you in public.

So, what do you need to do if you think your husband doesn’t respect you or expects you to be nothing more than his personal service maid who can do all the cooking and cleaning for him?

Well, there is no use crying over it or complaining to your mom or friends, as no one else but you, yourself, is the person who can help you out of the situation.

Here are some tips and guidelines that can certainly put you on the right track.

• Focus on him for a change

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First and foremost, try to figure out to why your husband is like that. If his behavior has changed for the worse, try to see his perspective and if something is bothering him at work or if there is anything else going on in his life.

Perhaps something is bothering him, and he is not comfortable about sharing his thoughts or situation with you. Or, maybe there are some traits of yours that your husband might find unattractive or bothersome, and slowly, he is losing his respect for you.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are always right, as this can take a mental toll on you, and he is sure to start disrespecting you.

• Focus on your behavior

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If you are in the habit of thinking that you’re always right and having your own way, you are certainly going to lose the respect of your husband sooner or later.

Perhaps you have been disrespecting him all these years, and now he no longer respects you. Do not forget that he is a human being and a man who needs his space and respect too. Treating your husband like taken for granted is not going to help you get his respect.

So, if you have been nagging and correcting him in public, it is time for you to change yourself and earn his respect.

• Have good communication

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You can certainly do something about these things and can improve the situation with sincere and transparent communication.

Hear him out completely and let him see how you feel when he disrespects you. If he cares about his marriage, he is sure to discuss things openly and try to find the solution, and be willing to improve his behavior towards you.

The goal should be not what you think or feel but also what is going on in your mind. Just because he is thinking about something differently doesn’t mean he is going against you or showing disrespect.

It is important to know how he feels and tell him exactly how you are feeling.

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• Be attentive and praise him

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Give some more attention to your husband, and do not be skimpy on your praises for him.

Tell him if you like his smile or his impressive voice or that he is a great father. Take every opportunity to compliment him and simply stop and listen to what he has to say.

It is important to give him your undivided attention and show him with both verbal and nonverbal language that how important he is in your life.

When your husband sees the positive change in you, he is sure to take notice and feel motivated to respect you.

• Remind him of your expectations

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At the same time, it is essential to remind your husband about what you expect from him and what your standards are.

Tell him that you are not okay with the way he speaks or behaves with you and expect better from him. Motivate him to follow good behavior by reminding him as to how kind he can be with his words and would like to see it again.

Make him realize about your pain and feelings of hurt.

If you keep quiet, you are only going to become a doormat for him, and the more he will disrespect you. So be gentle but firm with him, as and when required to earn his respect.

Restoring a relationship is not an easy task but not impossible. It sure can be very frustrating trying to make someone respect you and feel loved and important in the life of your spouse, who is used to insulting you.

However, with love, patience, and good communication, it is possible to put things right back on track, provided both parties are willing to understand and cooperate.

Don’t lose your confidence and show your husband that you are willing to make the changes but are proud of your strengths and achievements.

The key lies in striking the right balance as the objective here is to save the relationship and get the respect back in your marriage.

And if you think that things are not moving in the right direction, get professional help and see a marriage counselor.

This article will teach you how to get your husband to respect you in a way that will improve your marriage. It only takes small changes that can lead to big rewards in the end.

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With the help of these tips, you will be able to get your husband to respect you more in a way that will result in a better marriage for both of you.

What did you do to get your husband to respect you more to help improve your marriage? We’d love to hear your story.

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