10 of the Best U.S. Mega Kids Attractions

10 of the Best U.S. Mega Kids Attractions

Looking for mega fun for the kids?

The USA is the dream of many children and teenagers. Apart from the must-see monuments, swimming pools, and dream meals, there is plenty to do.

For fun and educational experiences, there are plenty of family destinations that are sure to be the highlight of your vacation and will create memories your kids will remember for a lifetime.

Please make sure to contact these attractions before you go to confirm availability, as some of these places may be closed permanently, temporarily or seasonal.

Here are fun places to visit with you kids:

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batman and superman lego characters

LEGOLAND offers slides and fun in a traditional theme park based on the LEGO building blocks. There are two locations throughout the U.S. There is a LEGOLAND based in California in Carlsbad. The other LEGOLAND is located in Florida in Winter Haven.

The parks includes roller coasters, games, and shows. LEGOLAND California has a LEGO-themed hotel and an aquarium within the grounds of the park. Both parks are open year-round.

2. SeaWorld San Diego

beluga whale swimming in water

SeaWorld San Diego Theme Park features roller coasters, shows, and marine-themed exhibits. The most popular attractions include hands-on experiences with dolphins and beluga whales.

The park offers a variety of food options and a kennel for families traveling with their pets. SeaWorld San Diego is open all year-round.

3. Discovery Cove

two dolphins jumping over water

Discovery Cove, located in Orlando, Florida, is an all-inclusive theme park that offers interactive animal experiences in a tropical environment including dolphins and exotic birds.

The park restricts its daily admissions to 1,300 visitors, and a reservation is required. The entrance fee includes breakfast, lunch, fins, mask, snorkel and flotation devices, towel, sunscreen, and deck chair.

Visitors receive a souvenir snorkel, as well as unlimited access to nearby SeaWorld and Aquatica parks. Discovery Cove recommends booking at least a month in advance.

4. Coney Island

gigantic ferris wheel at theme park

The New York neighborhood of Coney Island has more than 50 attractions and roller coasters operating daily from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and weekends between early May and mid-October.

Attractions include a roller coaster, bumper cars, and a video game room. Fireworks are launched every Friday evening in summer.

5. San Diego Zoo

panda bear eating leaves

The San Diego Zoo is home to 3,700 endangered animals and boasts of a botanical collection of more than 7,000 exotic plants. The zoo offers guided bus tours through its 40-hectare site, and a gondola ride for an aerial view. The San Diego Zoo is one of four American zoos that house pandas.

6. Cedar Point

people on fast moving roller coaster

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio on Lake Erie is famous for its roller coasters, four of which are over 60 meters high. The park also has water circuits, family attractions, live entertainment, and a variety of restaurants.

It is the best amusement park in the world! The park is open daily from mid-May to the end of August and during the September and October weekends.

7. Blizzard Beach

three kids laughing while splashing in water

This Disney water park in Bay Lake, Florida, is based on the ski resort’s theme, with chairlifts transporting visitors to the top, where they can choose a ski slope or a bobsleigh water slide to descend the mountain. There are also wave pools and floating rivers for the less adventurous. Picnic areas are scattered throughout the park.

8. Boston Science Museum

large building located behind trees and green landscape with small creek

The museum contains over 500 interactive exhibits and is home to the Charles Hayden Planetarium. The stimulating experience offered by the Science Museum allows visitors to experience a scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle, a journey through the solar system, and a spacewalk.

The museum is open year-round, with extended hours during the summer months.

9. Disney World, Florida

large round silver dome behind micky mouse character made out of plants

Walt Disney World Resort, located on the outskirts of Orlando, is a cluster of theme parks, including the two most popular Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, as well as water parks, and two dozen themed tourist resorts. The resort is the most visited amusement park in the world.

All-inclusive packages are available for your family vacation.

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10. Disneyland, Los Angeles

goofy (dog) character on parade truck waving

Disneyland is located in Anaheim, southeast of Los Angeles.

Like all the theme parks of the group, Disneyland Los Angeles is divided into different lands. Looking at the map in a clockwise direction, we find the lands generally directs you in all the Magic Kingdoms of the world: Main Street USA, Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Frontierland, Critter Country, Mickey’s ToonTown, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

All along with Main Street USA, you will find many shops and restaurants. No real attraction except The Disney Gallery (exhibition on the park and collectibles shop), the Disneyland Railroad station ( the steam train that goes around the park), Main Street Cinema (Disney animated short films projected on 6 screens) and Main Street Vehicles (including a horse-drawn tram).

Main Street USA also serves as a stage for park parades.

Several statues decorate Main Street, including the famous Partners Statue representing Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. Note that Mr. Disney had his apartment at the beginning of Main Street above the fire station. On the first floor, locate the lamp in the window: it is always on (even during the day) to symbolize the presence of the creator’s spirit.

At the end of Main Street USA, just in front of the castle, is Central Plaza (also called “The Hub”): a large square around which the different lands are spread out. After cowboy dreams in Frontierland, let us move on to the candy pink world of Fantasyland.

With the largest number of attractions, it immerses you in the most beautiful Disney tales. Its entrance is most majestic since it involves crossing the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Inside, Aurora’s story is told via a diorama (Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough). Take a look at the well and the Snow White fountain located to the right of the castle.

Originally, the castle was supposed to be the home of the first Disney princess, but the imagineers preferred to match their creation with the recent release of Sleeping Beauty.

Once you have crossed the drawbridge of the castle, you fall back into childhood. You cannot miss the big Swiss mountain, the highest point of the land. It is home to the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction aboard that you may well face with the yeti.

When it comes to taking your kids to a fun attraction, you can visit the amazing Walt Disney World, be brave on roller coasters at Cedar Point or be a part of a LEGO fantasy world at LEGOLAND!

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Whenever you’re ready to go on vacation with lots of mega play activities and attractions, be sure to come back to this list and start the fun!

Have you and your kids visited any of these attractions? Which ones were your favorite? We’d love to hear from you.

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