19 Cute Halloween Date Ideas for Couples

19 Cute Halloween Date Ideas for Couples

What can couples do for Halloween?

Well, you have just landed on the right page for here you are sure to get plenty of ideas to stem up that night and make Halloween an unforgettable one this season.

Take advantage of the spooky atmosphere on Halloween night and plan a perfect setting with your partner with that scary Halloween vibe.

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1. Halloween costumes for couples

Dress up in a Halloween couple costume, and some ideas are Danny and Sandy, Barbie and Ken, Anne and Gilbert, Danny and Sandy, Bonnie and Clyde, and more. You could even dress up as Beauty and the Beast or Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

Choose your creative costume for you and and your partner here.

2. Date night

couple at table decorating small pumpkins; wife wearing witch costume hat

Plan a special date night and dress up in Halloween costume. You could plan a competition like a Halloween pumpkin carving or a Halloween window display or similar.

Try some Fun DIY crafty Halloween activities on your date night. It would be fun to know who can make a scarier jack-o’-lantern.

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3. Scary Halloween movies

You could go out and watch a horror movie or watch one at home. There are plenty of options such as The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Mask, and many more. Or, you could attend a midnight screening of a horror film.

4. Tasty treats

Spend the day together, making some super creepy tasty treats for the Halloween night date. You will simply love making those Halloween snacks with a scary twist. Let those snacks be healthy and yet, perfectly creepy.

5. Food games

If you know your partner fears some food, why not have a game based on certain foods. Some ideas could be having raw eggs or chocolate-covered crickets or eating liver or kidneys this Halloween. Just keep in mind some of the most hated foods of your partner.

6. Look into the future

psychic woman with crystal ball, sitting at table with tarot cards and candles

Get a little more adventurous and make an appointment with a local tarot card reader, psychic or palm reader. This can be a perfectly petrifying idea for your Halloween night.

7. Bonfire storytime

Another great idea for the couple on Halloween is to plan a bonfire on the beach and tell scary stories. You could invite some more couples to share their stories and enjoy roasted marshmallows. Adventurous and the thrill-seeking couples are going to love this one.

8. Spooky picnic

Plan a picnic in a cemetery and dress up in black or white to set the mood for the theme. However, just be careful to be respectful and keep a distance. You could get a bit bold and plan some time here at midnight or late evening.

9. Amusement parks

Look up some great amusement parks that will be on-theme for Halloween and ride those mighty roller coasters to have some scary fun. Hold on to your partner as you lose your mind and vision both, and get scared to hell in the amusement park.

10. Haunted Houses

white old scary looking haunted house next to ocean

Go to a haunted house, and you will find some great options for haunted houses in California, Texas, and Illinois. Feel the vibes of the house and soak in the atmosphere to get the real sense of Halloween. Take a ghost tour or participate in those eerie activities inside the haunted house.

11. Backyard camping

Once you are dressed up in matching costumes, camp out in your backyard.

Spend the night outside, listening to the sounds of the night, and enjoy the the special feeling of closeness. Share some scary stories and enjoy tasty delights, but make sure you are in a secluded area.

12. New recipes

Bake some delicious cookies decorated with Halloween themes. You will simply love those hilariously decorated cookies meant to be scary but delicious.

Improve your baking skills together and try out some new recipes this year on Halloween. This is a perfect way to spend quality time with your partner on Halloween.

13. Urban legends

There is sure to be an urban legend in your area, and if you still haven’t been there, go there this Halloween. There are always some old local stories like murder in a local house or in a nearby forest.

Almost every place has something like that, and it is simply a great idea to visit that site, especially on Halloween.

14. Scare someone

If you’re like one of those terrible people who love to scare others, take advantage of Halloween and try to scare others as a couple. You could dress up as ghosts or dress up creepily to scare your parents or friends. The idea is to make people terrified and laugh a lot.

15. Corn maze

a maze cut out from a corn field with sunset

Explore a corn maze (a maze cut out from a corn field) while working your way through those fields. This is an incredibly fun and romantic idea to explore on Halloween. However, dress comfortably for lots of walking and do not forget to bring flashlights, as you will need them when it is dark.

16. Murder mystery party

Host a murder mystery party and invite your friends. Just make sure that everyone comes dressed in an appropriate costume and in their character. Let everyone enjoy and solve the murder mystery puzzle as well as festive drinks and fun treats.

17. Bar crawl

Find out where your city is holding a Halloween bar crawl and befriend other couples or ghouls, witches, and ghosts. You are in for a spectacular night once you are out of the house and get ready for a night of Halloween parties.

18. Spooky board games

Get together with other couples and play with a Ouija board. Nothing could be more exciting and fun as you interact with those souls from another dimension.

So, take out that long forgotten Ouija board and get a fascinating glimpse into the non-conscious mind with this devilish but harmless family game.

19. Cozy up

Why not plan a steamy night with your partners?

You could paint your partner’s body with glow-in-the-dark body paint or get intimate with a sexy costume. You could enjoy a role-play according to the Halloween theme. Cozy up and give each other a massage and try to get close this Halloween.

Get ready for some romantic fun on that frightful Halloween night and turn it into something sexy and a hauntingly romantic time.

You could either go out or stay at home to celebrate Halloween. All you need to do is just go through the previous ideas and pick what you like.


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Enjoy these perfect Halloween date ideas of scare and romance for couples!

What are you and your spouse doing for Halloween? We’d love to hear your Halloween date ideas.

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