How do you Deal with a Workaholic Husband?

How do you Deal with a Workaholic Husband?

Is your workaholic husband ruining your marriage?

You are indeed proud of your husband! He is hardworking, takes care of all the bills, and never forgets your birthday.

But wait! You hardly get to see him or spend quality time with him, as he is forever busy with his business meetings, office phone calls and hardly looks at you from behind his laptop.

If you are worried that you might have married a workaholic, perhaps your fears and apprehensions are right.

Spouses of workaholics often feel left out, ignored, and have to deal with the sense of being alone on their own.

Well, to be honest, you must not ignore those issues, which, if left unmitigated, can slowly pile up those negative feelings and add to the resentment.

So, if you are not careful, your lovely marriage may head towards separation. After all, you need to keep in mind that your husband is caring, affectionate, and a responsible guy.

Take action when you have time on your side and take it as a wake-up call on how to deal with your workaholic husband and help him snap out of this behavior.

Here are some useful tips that actually work in keeping your marriage healthy and safe despite a workaholic partner.

1. Shower extra affection on him

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Make your husband feel welcomed and special whenever he is back from his work. Give him a warm hug and embrace him emotionally, asking him about his day and work.

Offer him a cup of coffee in your garden or private balcony and keep him interested and involved with your love and affection.

2. Quality of time is more important

Pay more attention to the quality of time together and not the quantity.

You should understand the workload and responsibility of your husband because of his position. So, instead of complaining, just focus on the quality of time you spend together.

Your partner will look forward to those times with you and may even feel tempted to stay away from his laptop just to chat with you.

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3. Praise him for his efforts

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Make him feel like a king at home and appreciate every small effort he makes.

For example, if he forgot to bring a couple of things from the grocery list, thank him for getting the rest. Even if those flowers he brought home are not your favorite, praise them for their color and fragrance.

Your husband is bound to make more effort if he gets unconditional love and affection and finds even his slightest efforts appreciated.

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4. Set a routine

Talk to your husband openly and tell him how you look forward to spending some quality time with him. If he is caring and responsible, he is sure to listen to your demands and agree to spend some time together, either early in the morning or after he comes back.

Even if you are able to do that a couple of times every week, it would be great for your relationship. Just remember to put your phones away while you are spending some minutes or hours together.

5. Find common interests

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Keep your husband and yourself occupied by doing things that are of common interest.

It could be hiking, skiing or a popular musical band, or dining at a favorite restaurant. So, enjoy some great hobbies and outings together, and you can even introduce him to some new activities and develop some new hobbies.

Your workaholic husband is sure to make time for those interests even if he is too busy.

6. Learn something new

It is time to shift all your focus from your husband and your relationship to you.

It is often seen that most women waste their energies negatively and simply worry or get anxious about the loneliness left behind by a workaholic husband.

Well, look at that free time as a blessing and seek new opportunities. Perhaps you could take up a job or complete a course or upgrade your qualification.

A satisfying career can indeed be one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Who knows, you might also get an insight into the daily work pressures in your husband’s profession.

Keep in mind that not every day will be the same. There will be times when he may not respond the way you would like.

Well, on those days, you need to be more patient and control your emotions and frustrations. Resist the temptation of scolding your spouse for his overworking tendencies, and nagging will only make things worse.

Instead, try to use a positive tone the next day to remind him how much you missed him and but understand his heavy workload.

One thing is for sure that the more you show your affection, the more your man will notice and make efforts to change. Your affection and attention are bound to change him from within, and no matter how busy he is, he will take out time to have a cup of coffee with you or make a phone call from the office.

Understanding your husband and his addiction to work will help you prepare better for the marriage and look for healthy solutions.

However, at times, some marital issues related to a workaholic husband can be impossible to handle alone. If you feel that despite your efforts, things have not changed, pray and ask God to strengthen your marriage.

You can also always seek the help and guidance of marriage counselors. Do not wait until it is too late, as your marriage and relationship might already be in serious trouble. Both you and your husband can benefit from a therapy session, and he is sure to understand your perspective and how his workaholic behavior is taking a toll on you and your relationship.

You can definitely work things out and in your favor with open discussions and transparent communications.

Understanding, compassion, and empathy can certainly reduce the stress in your marriage, and you can once again enjoy your marriage and companionship.

Working too much can ruin a good marriage, but keep in mind that the first step towards sorting those issues is to start a conversation and express your concerns. Instead of bottling up those emotions, express yourself and work together to find an amicable solution.

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If you are wondering what to do when you are married to a workaholic, try these great tips to improve your relationship!

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