Husband Doesn’t Want to Take You Out on Dates Anymore?

Husband Doesn’t Want to Take You Out on Dates Anymore?

What should you do when your husband is not interested anymore?

So, your husband has stopped taking you out on dates? Well, your problem is not yours alone, as hundreds and thousands of women feel that way.

You could either fret over it and get more frustrated or get to the root cause of the issues and work towards solving it.

The reality is that even if most women decide to do something about it, they are not very sure as to how to approach the problem. After all, it is not easy to communicate your feelings to your husband without nagging him and make him realize what you want.

To begin with, keep in mind that marriage is a lifelong promise that both partners need to work hard on and keep the relationship alive. It requires great dedication, loads of patience, and plenty of courage to love someone in their darkest moments.

First of all, you need to figure out why your husband doesn’t prefer to take you out anymore or is no longer interested in planning date nights with you.

Here’s how to deal if your find your husband not wanting to deal with you anymore:

1. Be patient, show him respect, and love him regardless

Even if you haven’t gone out with your husband on a date night for weeks or months, give him that unconditional love and support you promised when taking vows together.

Respect him and treat him with genuine care, and he is bound to notice the efforts you are making.

However, you sure are going to need lots of patience and courage to do that.

2. Be grateful and remind him of the good times

man and woman embracing each other feeling happy and smiling

Being grateful can be a difficult attitude to attain, especially when your husband is ignoring you and you find yourself in a tough situation. Nevertheless, show him that how you care about those find memories and quality time spent together.

Show him that you are grateful to have him in your life and make him realize why he wanted you.

Also, thank God for your husband and family.

3. Give him his breathing space

Perhaps your husband has lots going on in his mind about his work, the finances, or the job. He wants a break from you, and that could be one reason why he avoids asking you out.

So, in that case, it is best not to accuse him over smaller issues and give him his space to calm down. Once he gets his space, he is sure to come back, looking for you.

As for yourself, keep calm and focus on his positive attributes and why you fell in love with him in the first place.

4. Love yourself and be carefree

woman in white dress spinning with arms out on rooftop

Instead of walking around with a long sad face, just remind yourself that loving yourself is as important as being loved by someone.

The key lies in wanting and loving yourself and letting yourself go completely.

Your husband is sure to notice the change in you, and when he sees a carefree smile and happy face, he will remember why you are a great catch. Enjoy yourself, and that will certainly be good for your marriage.

5. Be kind and keep the communication lines open

Instead of worrying your head and heart over why your husband is no longer asking you out, give back more of yourself to the marriage.

Just be kind and loving and do not overthink the situation for a little while. It is very important to keep the communication lines open, even if you feel uncomfortable and odd.

Even a small but successful chit-chat can do wonders for the relationship.

6. Introspect each day and focus

woman sitting on couch thinking

If you really want things to improve for your marriage, it is your responsibility to find the solution and make an effort.

You can either feel like a powerless victim or take things into control and figure out how to improve things for your future and marriage.

Ask yourself if there is anything that you may be doing in the home that makes your husband feel like a jerk or unwanted. Perhaps you need to change yourself and not your husband.

7. Express yourself and tell him what you need

Do not hesitate to show your husband how much you value the quality time spent with him, but without coaxing him to take you out.

The chances are that your husband knows your body language and all about you and is likely to make some efforts to reach some common ground.

So, appreciate him from time to time and express your love for him.

8. Flaunt yourself and make him notice

woman with long beautiful hair outside wearing beautiful red dress and sunglasses

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps you need a new hairstyle or should change your wardrobe.

Take a shower and get dressed in your very best, and walk past him as if you simply don’t care if he notices or makes a comment. He is sure to notice you if he sees you all dressed up and going out with your friends.

He might even start thinking about taking you out this Saturday night!

Date nights are important in every marriage as they create a happier climate and keep the spark of love and affection alive. As you can see, it is not easy to change your husband if he has stopped taking you out.

You sure do need lots of patience and strength to make positive changes and without any undertones of resentment.

All you need to know is how to spark the love in your marriage once again, and soon you will find your husband asking you out every week!

However, if, despite all those efforts, you see hardly any change in your husband, then perhaps it is time to see a marriage counselor.

There might be more deep-rooted issues in the marriage that you are not able to decipher and are best handled by an expert.

Revealing Signs You Need to Visit A Marriage Counselor

And, if things still do not change, then simply pray about it. Listen to God’s guidance. God doesn’t like divorce, however it’s expected that both husband and wife are committed to each other always.

Move on as the choice is yours, and moving on may be the right solution for you, especially if your husband doesn’t want you anymore in his life.

However, keep that as the last option. Try to keep the marriage going on even if you feel like quitting, and follow all the above tips on what to do if your husband doesn’t take you out anymore.

If you find that your husband doesn’t want to take you out on dates anymore, be patient, show gratitude, give him needed space and remember to still love yourself.

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Use these great tips to figure out how to deal with your husband not wanting you.

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  1. This article spends the whole time reminding women to coddle the man’s emotions first. So much for a woman’s needs.

    1. Hi Jane, it’s not so much about coddling the man’s emotions, but trying to fix what maybe wrong in the relationship SO THAT the woman’s need may also be fulfilled. Noted in the article says to love yourself, as well as express YOUR needs to your husband. Thanks so much for visiting!

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