How to Set Up a Daily Prayer Schedule to Grow Closer to Christ

How to Set Up a Daily Prayer Schedule to Grow Closer to Christ

Do you need a daily prayer routine?

Most people avoid praying for two reasons; first, they do not believe in them; next, even if they do, they are not aware as to how to pray and how to set up a prayer schedule in their busy lives.

Well, to begin with, it can be a bit scary and overwhelming for people to get into a regimen of praying regularly. But before getting into how to set up a prayer schedule, it is even more important to know the need to pray and if prayers work.

Once one is convinced of the power of prayers, it would be easy for them to set and follow a routine.

It is true that most men and women have sustained and lived through their most stressful times only because of their faith and prayer with God. Without that faith, it would be impossible for them to get through the challenging situations of life.

Prayer gives them the strength and power to understand the reasoning behind what is happening, and it is through prayer that God talks to them and gives them hope and strength.

When one prays regularly, they know that God is always there for them in their thick and thin times and will help them through no matter what they are going through.

Moreover, there is considerable scientific evidence that meditation and prayers keep the mind and nervous system calm and help you exercise better control over negative emotions.

When we pray daily, we are noticed by God, and he makes Himself available to us at all times. It shows that God is always there, willing to help us out and all we need to do is reach out to him with a prayer.

Prayer is nothing more than just talking to Him, just like you talk to your friends or family. Gradually, you develop a strong relationship with Him, and His presence will help you find that solace and peace in your urgency.

Now that you are convinced about the power of prayer, it is essential to implement a prayer routine, and here is how to pray daily.

When to Pray

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There is no denying that we live in hectic times and barely have time to fulfill our daily chores and responsibilities. So, how does one set realistic goals about a prayer schedule?

All you need to do is make space and time for about 10 to 15 minutes of daily prayer, and you can do that anytime in the day. It could be early morning or late evening, whatever suits you. Perhaps, when the kids are in school or when they are resting during school or any other time that works for you!

Start with small goals of setting aside ten minutes, and gradually, you can increase the prayer time BUT be realistic and practical here.

Where to Pray

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It is essential to decide on the right place for your prayer routine. You would want a calm and isolated place for yourself where there is the least disturbance. So, pick a place where you’ll have more privacy and without any interruptions from others around you.

It is best to choose a small room or corner where you can have easy access to your Bible and Scripture books. You can sit on the floor and pray or set up a comfortable chair in the place. If you want, you can turn on some worship music that is peaceful.

The Goal and Purpose of a Daily Prayer Routine

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Before you start praying, you should have a purpose behind your prayers. So, determine a purpose and what you want to achieve from your prayer routine.

Perhaps you want to pray for the general health and alpines of your family or want to follow the Holy Spirit in his plans. Many pray to praise and honor the Lord as well as make their requests known to Him.

If you know what you want and what you are praying for, things will fall in place. It is best to start your prayer with praise and worship for the Lord.

You can also spend time Bible reading as well as Bible study. Always move into gratitude and praise and rejoice in His abundant mercy.

Stick to the Prayer Schedule

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If you enjoy your prayer routine, you are likely to stick with it.

When you worship, praise, and talk to the Lord regularly, you will find that you start enjoying the experience. This is because He fills your heart with His love and peace and will not want to skip on your prayers.

However, you need to pray sincerely and talk to Him from the bottom of your heart to feel His presence. Gradually, you will move right into worship and get into a flow, and will look forward to praying.

Just stay motivated and consistent with your prayer schedule.

Remember that prayers carry tremendous power and enhance our spiritual progress. Many cultures in every stratum of society are known to believe in God and prayers.

Millions recite their spiritual prayers daily as it is a simple but powerful way to connect to the Supreme power and get hope for a better world and better relationships.

Your prayers are like a spiritual journey, and with each step, you get closer to God. This is your spiritual destination, and the only way to reach there is through personal communication with God.

So, all you need is a plan to help you reach your spiritual goals and destination, and you can easily do that by praying effectively and consistently.

You would feel the change within you and are likely to enjoy comments from everyone around you on your calm and collected composure.

Just follow the above tips and guidelines to create a daily prayer routine and stick to the schedule. You will be surprised as to how those simple prayers can change your life phenomenally.

Even in the direst and frustrating situation in your life, you are likely to feel the protection and love of the Lord that will help you tide over even the most impossible situation with a smile on your lips. So start praying to God everyday!

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Use these helpful tips and begin your spiritual journey and create a daily prayer life with Christ!

Do you have a daily prayer schedule? Share your routine with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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